I couldn’t get a hold of my midwife yesterday. I will try again today.

Heading out in a little bit to the farm to garden. Our garden is a no go this year. We were already going to be getting a late start and now with all of the rain we have had it will be even later and so we decided to plan for next year.

Aly had a friend spend the night Sat. and they went to see the Narnia movie yesterday morning. I sat in the van in the 88 degree weather for 2hrs and 20min. My left thigh is slightly burned from the sun but I did get to read a book. I tried to knit but it was just too hot. 

After the movie they decided they wanted to go out to the friend’s house to swim. We had planned to meet with a new friend of mine to help her plan out her garden and have Jorry answer landscaping questions so we loaded everyone up in the van. Took Sisi to visit with my brother because she was not going to be successful on the trip, dropped Aly and friend off and then headed into the city. We had a nice visit at our friend’s home and then headed back to our place.

On the way home Aly called and wanted us to come pick her up. She had planned to spend the night but she changed her mind. I figured that would happen. So we went to pick up Sisi but she wound up just riding with my brother to our house. He needed to use the computer. I dropped Jorry off so he could go to the store and get supper and the littles and I went to get Aly.

The night ended with a meltdown from the 3yo. She was tired but kept saying she wasn’t. When she finally laid down she was out in about 3minutes.

Ok, gotta find farm clothes! Not easy to do when you are 32weeks pregnant!


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  1. If the rains stop, you could still start some things. Carrots, beets, lettuces, potatoes. And tomatoes too. Check out the Four Season Harvest and Solar Gardens for ideas. And look up “hoop house” on the ‘net. You can build a PVC pipe green house really inexpensively. We planted carrots and beets in late August last year and had a small harvest. Our garden just went in the ground last week!

  2. You might also look into just growing some veggies in containers. That would be better than nothing. 32 weeks?! That’s starting to get uncomfortable, huh? Hang in there!

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