Turn off the water please!

We had thunderstorms from 4pm yesterday and all through the night. More are on their way today.

Two lives lost in the counties below us.

Rough day yesterday with all the kiddos except Ace.

Hopefully we will have a better day today.

Things are so much more challenging since I can’t move as quickly with this belly.

I sit down for a rest and the 3yo starts to aggrevate a big. Getting up to redirect her and help her change focus feels like I use up all of my energy…physically and mentally.

Trying to get the oldest to focus so she can be helpful is next to impossible. After reading and talking to another mom we are sure we are dealing with ADD. We are working on that homeopathically right now. Pray for us as we journey down this road.

Sisi had a small episode last night. The first one in a long time. She has really had a great year though. I will have to share her story one day. It has been quite the journey.

Ok, both littles are up so I will end here.

Have a great day!!

I would have gone for a walk to let off steam last night except the lightening was a bit on the intense side. No sense in adding to the drama that already exists.



Edited to add that I just got a hold of my midwife and she and her assistant are fine. Their homes are not in the flooded areas. She did attend a birth the night that the flooding started and it was a good thing the family was having a homebirth because their hospital was closed because of the flooding!



6 thoughts on “Turn off the water please!

  1. That is the only think that I would love about not living in Cali. Cool Thunder storms… I will have to visit a state soon that has them. that would be so neat to listen too
    I hope today is a better day.
    Hey did you see what I am doing???? If you want I can light a luminorio in remembrance of your daddy.. Let me know

  2. Definitely enough w/ the rain…. Did you get rain this morning too?  It absolutely poured here, then the sun popped right out.  The T’s are already asking to go out & play in the pool.  Unfortunately, everyone got more sun yesterday than they needed.    I’m trying to put them off just as long as possible.
    Hope today is a better day for you!

  3. Sounds like you have your hands full. You are doing an amazing job with your kids! I liked your edit about the midwife and homebirth — a little “plug” for homebirth!

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