Mysterious fever

I’m not sure what is going on with the littles. Ace started running a low grade fever yesterday around 11am. It never got very high during the day but I knew she didn’t feel good because she didn’t want to be outside playing. Usually you can’t get her inside if we are playing outside.

She went down for an early nap and when I came out Emi told me that she had fever. Sure enough I checked her and she did. Again not very high.

Then last night both of their fevers shot through the roof! Ace’s wasn’t as high as Emi’s but it was high. The difference between the two was that Ace’s dropped on it’s own and Emi’s just climbed. At 3am it was 104 under her arm. After I checked her temp she threw up. We let her rest some more and when the temp had gone up more by 3:45am we dosed her with motrin even though she protested.

I checked her over the next couple of hours and it was coming down. When she woke this morning she was talking and asked me to check her temp again. It was down to 99.

There are no other symptoms. Ace has an appetitie but Emi doesn’t. No rash, no complaints of sore throats. Emi has a small sore on her tongue. I think she might have bitten her tongue at some point last night. I’m baffled. Ace did this last week but a rash showed up so I at least had a diagnosis.


Sisi spent the night with friends. Aly has a sleepover tonight. We were going to go to the free time at the pool last night but with the littles we couldn’t. I have to email the farm to let them know that I may try to come tonight since I am dealing with sick littles.

Ok, just had to give Emi more motrin because her fever is rising again. I know fever isn’t bad and that it indicates that the body is fighting an infection but I don’t want her to reach the same level she reached last night.


3 thoughts on “Mysterious fever

  1. I hope this is a better night. I could use a bit more sleep myself. I know you could!
    You are very much in my thoughts this week. Every time I miss my Daddy I think of you. You know first hand how often that is, JoAnn. I am praying for us both.
    I love you.
    Daddy Hat

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