Fever continues

Ace was fine all day. Emi not at all. Her fever went up and down all day long. She did have one time during the day where she was playing and feeling better and then the next thing I know she is on the couch again.

Her fever did the same thing last night. It is down this morning but she has no energy. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I had a weird dream about my dad last night. Second one in two nights. I keep trying to hear his voice in my dreams but I don’t seem to be able to.

Jorry was talking about the card he got for his dad for father’s day and it hit me that I won’t be buying one this year. I teared up but kept it in mostly because I didn’t want Jorry to feel bad.

Thanks Old Hat…your timing is always perfect.


We took Emi to the ER because she was vomiting blood. Not good for a mama to see, all kinds of ridiculous thoughts start running through my head. The ER doctor is great! Very non-invasive. He didn’t even want to use a tongue depressor to look in her mouth but Emi wouldn’t open up at all.

Her tonsils were red and swollen. He left it up to us if we wanted a strep culture. We chose to. She did pretty well and the nurses were very nice and quick. They also ran tests on her urine and it showed that she is dehydrated and there were microscopic amounts of blood in her urine.

The strep was negative. They sent us home with zofran and orders to return if she vomits blood again or if a rash appears. The later could mean some kind of blood issue. He didn’t elaborate because he’s pretty sure she will be fine. He felt that the blood was from her esophogus being irritated.

Prayers and positive thoughts please for a complete healing.



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