A visit, a random thought and a tag

Jorry’s grandmother comes for a visit today. She is such an awesome lady. Not only does she call me her granddaughter but we are also friends. She loves family history and loves to share it with me. She knits, quilts,sews and hunts. Yes hunts. I know that is taboo for some but her family has never been without food at their table ever. She decided early in her marriage that if she was going to be with her husband she was going to have to learn how to hunt. Now in her 70s she is still as good a shot as ever and can still cook the most awesome pheasant. Her visit will be way too short.

A random thought I had last night while in the bathroom. My youngest was knocking on the door the entire time and calling my name. I assured her that I would be out in a minute and that I would be coming out that door. Then it occured to me. If a mom had invented the bathroom and proceeded with the design each and every bathroom would have a secret escape hatch.


I was tagged a looooong time ago by momma2her and missed it. So I am now catching up and adding it here.

7 weird things about me:

1. I collect sticky notes. All colors,shapes and sizes. I have them in my van and located at various other spots around the house.

2. I am from the south but I do not have an accent. Although I can turn it on if need be.

3. If I am having a bout of insomnia I can usually get back to sleep if I lay down at the opposite end of the bed.

4. When I brush my teeth I wet the toothbrush, apply toothpaste and then wet it again.

5. I most often sneeze three times in a row and it is always very loud.

6.My pinky toes are so small they are almost non-existent.

7. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 32 years old.


I tag anyone that wants to participate!!

Have a great weekend


5 thoughts on “A visit, a random thought and a tag

  1. escape hatch! brilliant! I would invest in one fo those in a second. I can’t pee without my 3 yr old going itno fits. as if she’s surprised each time i emerge from the bathroom – surely i was gone for good! the 3 yrs that I’ve always come back, they haven’t taught her a thing. ugh,

  2. You must have gotten numbers 4 & 6 from me. =)
    I am glad for your visit. I hope it brings you all much joy.
    Thanks for explaining something I have long wondered about. I always wondered how Mrs Hat discovered skunks living under the tub in her bathroom. Now I know. We were young and she was always trying to lock the baby out of the bathroom. She must have found the skunks when she was digging an escape hatch!
    You make me smile, JoAnn! Thank you for being you. Remember that you won’t be pregnant forever.
    Daddy Hat

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