Yesterday was an absolutely awesome mail day!!!

Sisi went out to grab it while I was on the phone and when she brought it in I could see two envelopes and they were addressed to me. Sisi wanted to open them but I LOVE to get mail that isn’t bills so when it’s addressed to me I don’t share, kind of like I don’t share my chocolate well.

I had to wait until I was finished on the phone. I was talking to another mom about henna art and we were working to get things in place to do some henna on a mama’s belly tonight at her blessingway. That should be a lot of fun tonight. I am glad to be a part of it.

Ok back to the packages. The first one I opened was from a fellow paperback swapper. I had requested a new book for our library. All About Turtles by Jim Arnosky. If you haven’t discovered this author he is worth checking out. He is a naturalist and an artist and combines his passions into some great books. I am slowly working on owning all that he has done.

The second package had me guessing because I didn’t recognize the last name on the address. At first I thought it might be a bead for my labor necklace from one of the moms on a message board I am part of. Then as I opened it I new exactly who had been sneaky and sent it to me!! Inside I found the circular knitting needles that I need in order to knit a soaker for this new baby!! You ROCK Deb and please tell Amanda thank you as well!! That so made my day. I hope to be able to bless you just as much one day!!

I didn’t get a chane to work on my pattern until after my husband was home for the day. I have the stiches cast on but that was all I was able to do. I had to look up what it meant to join the stitches. I have never knitted in the round so this will be a great learning experience.



While Jorry’s grandmother was here we hit the Children’s Museum for a couple of hours. Then on the way home we stopped and had a great meal courtesy of Grandma Marty! The visit was great. The littles warmed up to her right away and Emi even wanted to sleep out in the living room with her the first night.






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  1. What is a ‘soaker’?  After reading your post on Jim Arnosky, I went to the library website and put several of his books on hold.  (They had 40!)
    I have Alicia’s kids. (And Alicia!) I forgot about Mysteries and Marvels by the Usborne Books.  I put a few of them on hold.  There are so many more books and stuff for the home school now.  I’m getting excited to share these new ones that you mentioned to the kids.

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