I got to attend a mama blessing last night. First let me say how incredibly lucky I feel to be a part of the Attachement Parenting community in this area. It is something that I have wanted to be a part of for a long time and never thought I would find it here. It was cool to contribute and be an active member. God works in mysterious ways.

Each mama brought a bead for the pregnant mama’s labor necklace. A length of wire was cut for the necklace and then we all added our beads explaining why we chose it and the blessings we wanted it to represent.

There was a time of meditation and the we all took a length of yarn to add a bead to for ourselves We tied them on our wrists to remind us to think of and pray for the mama. A mom there read a poem.

Then we ate. Always a good thing!

Then we took out the henna and a few different people painted the mama’s belly. We each added a word to our wrists in henna that we wanted for the mom during labor. I wrote peace, others had strength, love, joy etc. We also signed up for meals afterwards and offers of child care etc. Ahhhh community!!!

My friend Pam and I had to scoot before all of the henna painting was done. We had estimated being home by 10pm…..it was 11pm by the time I drove into the drive way. Jorry was awesome and kept all of the kids for me so I could have some mom time.

It was really cool to talk about birth and experiences and to just smile and laugh and be. I met some moms that I had only known online and that was great. Most I already knew.

It was very nourishing to my soul.

My blessing will be in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to just get together with these friends again.





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  1. @CrunchyConMom – I was really fortunate to have an online connection before we moved to this area and she told me about the group.Otherwise I’m not sure how I would have found them. I would start with LLL groups and see if they know of any attachement parenting groups or do a yahoo group search for your area. If you find there isn’t one then you can be the first to start one!! 🙂 

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