Yesterday I got to go to a new friends house where I learned about altered books. What a totally cool artistic expression that I might even be able to do. It may be taboo for some since you alter a book but there are so many at good will and library sales that just wind up getting tossed. I  think this is a great way to reinvent them and even have a cool way of giving a unique gift.

I was thinking that I could find one to alter and include pictures of the kids and poetry etc and gift it to family members. Then it is something they can look through and enjoy anytime they want to. Positive memories in artistic form.

For the pages I altered yesterday I used pieces of scrapbook paper and pictures of myself and all my girls. I framed up a quote that was already in the book and then decorated the page with cut out flowers from the scrapbook paper. Sorry no picture to show you but I think it turned out pretty cool considering it was the first time I had done something like this.

The girls had fun while they were there. Ace wound up with a busted lip from trying to climb on a chair but she was fine after a couple of minutes. Then she proceeded to come home and hit her mouth on the floor and added a goose egg to her forehead for good measure. I was glad I picked up the bottle of arnica from the health food store Monday.

The bigs had sleepovers away from home.

I worked on my wool soaker and have the waist band done but I am stuck now. I’m supposed to increase by 4 and I don’t know if that is 4 stitches created at one time or a stitch added for 4rounds. I looked online but can’t find the help I need. Plenty of videos on how to actually make the stitch which is only part of what I need.

I appreciate any help from seasoned knitters.


Have a great day!!!

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  1. and why no picture to show us?? huh ? Huh??? why?? why ??? I wanna know!!!
    LOL sound like one of the kids yet?
    Little Man and Princess woke me up @ 730 screaming whinning and crying at each other – July 7 ( camp) cannot come fast enough!
    Love you

  2. J:  I have a picture for you; I just read this and “borrowed” C’s camera (since mine is still lost) to take a pic for ya so you can share!  And…  I am smiling so big to see I made your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. woohoo altered books? AWESOME!  glad you started one! they are soo much fun ! it’s a way of recycling too <<G>> and there are no rules, and the opportunities are endless! and they make wonderful, personal, inspiring as gifts 🙂

  4. Hi there!  Hope you don’t mind me stopping by.  Just wanted to say, we had the same situation of multiple bangs on my little one here today as well.  Sometimes I wonder if the Arnica is for her- or really just for me!  🙂

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