I Didn’t Blog Yesterday

Because we were welcoming out newest addition to the family.

Please welcome Zoe Tait

Her name means “Life Brings Joy”

8lbs 2oz

20in long

My water broke at 2am and she didn’t arrive until 7:35pm. I’ll post the birth story with details later. Suffice it to say that when she did decide to make her debut she didn’t waste her time.

We are doing fine. Tired but ecstatic. A wonderful homebirth.

Thank you God!!


SANY0943 DSC07348




Meltdown leads to eating at Mcdonalds

Which leads to feeling lousy about 40minutes after I ate my two cheeseburgers, fries and drank my sweet tea. Nothing like making sure this baby will weigh 9lbs!!

Seriously though I need all of the prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes or whatever else anyone subscribes to in wanting good things for their friends. I felt like I was going to have a mental breakdown yesterday, ALL day long. Everything bothered me and it felt way beyond the normal “I’m at the end of this pregnancy and need to have this baby.” feelings. It was intense and it scared the crap out of me.

Jennifer, I am so very sorry that I called you back. I should have waited until I was in a better state of mind.

If you have my phone numbers I suggest not calling me for a while. Unless of course you like to listen to large pregnant women wail and lament about the current break down in their mental stability.

Friday was awesome. Anna gave me a wonderful massage and she cleaned my kitchen and the living room. Her kids played with the littles which freed me up to just be.

Sadly I find that I do better if I have another adult here with me. If it is just me I feel overwhelmed by all that I need to do to keep up with the littles and I just shut down.

SiSi was an awesome help yesterday while Aly and her dad were at work and then out on their date.

I still failed miserably in being patient with the littles and with just accepting things as they were. Once Jorry and Aly were back I let him know how overwhelmed I felt and he took over the kitchen while the bigs and I tackled the livingroom and I got some of the laundry folded and put away. The closer to delivery I get the more overwhelmed I am by the messes. When I am not pregnant they don’t bother me to the capacity that they do. I need to birth in calm and if my house is a mess I-am-not-calm.

I know I won’t be pregnant forever. I just feel helpless to be the mom I need to be because I can’t move quickly and moving quickly is required when you are parenting a 3yo and a 1yo and your big girls aren’t always available to help you. My energy level is low and I know it’s more mental than anything. I just can’t find the motivation to move off of the couch and get things done, it all just feels like too much and then I know that as soon I get something accomplished in one place someone else has destroyed another place.

I would like to get through today without crying,yelling,griping,or feeling overwhelmed.

I would also like to give birth but I don’t think that is going to happen until I reach a state of serenity.

Come on serenity!!

No baby, just annoying end of pregnancy issues that I will spare you the details on. Nothing dangerous or anything. It just slows me down and is annoying.

I have contractions here and there but none that even begin to resemble a pattern for labor.

My awesome friend Anna is coming to give me a massage today!! Maybe that will relax me enough to kick labor in gear. I’m not over due but I am ready.

I met with my friend Pam last night to chat and knit. We both needed a night out of the house.

There was a robbery last night at the gas station up the road. I was laying down trying to go to sleep when I saw white lights flashing across our yard. I thought it was a car turning around in the parking lot that is next to our house. Then Aly came in to say that there were police officers walking the perimeter of our yard. I look outside and down the road a bit I see the lights from the cop’s car.

A little bit later there is a knock at the door and they tell my husband about the robbery. There were two guys and they ran. One was in custody but they were looking for the other one. Apparently they had taken off to the area that is behind the row of houses we live in.

Our side door on our garage was opened a bit so they asked permission to search there and then they continued to search around the yard. The door was like that earlier so we at least knew that no one had opened it.

They were still searching around 3am according to SiSi. I had drifted off to sleep around 2am. I’m sure it will be in the paper. This is big time for our small town. The gas station was open this morning. I don’t think anyone was physically harmed. I can’t imagine their mental state though.

I personally thought that they should have been looking in the corn field across from the gas station. A person could get lost in all that corn and not come out for days!!

I haven’t made any bread. My annoying problem makes it hard to stand for a long time. I’ll see how I feel today. I really hate it when I have all this get up and go and a monkey wrench is thrown in the middle of it.

I do need to work on our bedroom and wash some clothes. I am down to two things that I can wear on the bottom half of my body and about the same amount that I can wear on the top. So I think she should arrive any day now since I can’t go to town naked.

Ok, I am off to pick up my knitting and start the laundry.

Have a great day!!

Well I accomplished more than I thought I would yesterday.

I did a triple batch of pancakes, a batch of banana muffins,one lasagna,and two chicken tretrazinis. All before lunch and before it was so hot outside that they house wouldn’t recoup from the heat of the oven and stove top.

After lunch the littles and I headed off to the city to trade some diapers for a baby bath with a mom from my AP group and then we headed over to another friend’s house to pick up our produce. It is always fun to get the box home and see what is in it for the week. This week there were tomatos,cucumbers, eggplant(purple and white),mushroom,cabbage,and bell peppers.

We had one of the tetrazinis for supper last night and I sliced cucumbers,peppers and tomatos to go with it. Oh and we had homemade biscuits. Of course this meant that I had to have my biscuits with mayo and a slice of tomato on it and everyone else slathered theirs with butter and honey. There is one left over this morning and I am going to slather it in butter and grape jelly. Which reminds me of a story from my youth!

Since my dad was Navy we traveled a lot and would often come home to Mississippi between duty stations. At one point dad was a recruiter so we got live in Mississippi for a year or so. Anyway we would often go out to his parents house, my maw maw and paw paw. Maw maw was well known in the family for her “cat head biscuits” so called because they were as big as a cat’s head. I was well known in the family for sliding up next to my paw paw and taking a cat head biscuit, spreading it with a little bit of butter and promptly adding enough grape jelly to choke a horse. I would usually eat my weight in those things. I remember when the biscuits were no longer a staple at their home anymore. Paw Paw had passed away and maw maw was not standing and cooking as long as she used too. I was sad about it but I just had a thought, I’m not sure the biscuits would have tasted as good as they did since Paw Paw wasn’t there to slide up next too and help me spread the jelly.

Today I may or may not make up some biscuits,crescent rolls and a few loaves of bread. My feet were so swollen last night. Maybe I will just knit today and do laundry.

What ever you are doing today I hope you have a great day!!!


I think I turned a corner

 It happened sometime yesterday afternoon. I just all of sudden felt that I would make it, this baby will come when she is supposed to and that all would be fine. Thanks God for the dropping of peace into the midst of my crazy life.

I have already put up double batches of waffles and pancakes in the freezer. There are mini banana muffins in there as well. Last night I added a tuna casserole. Today will be another batch of pancakes but this time they will have blueberries at Aly’s request. Then we will do waffles again and I am going to put a lasagna in there along with a chicken tetrazini. It may take me until tomorrow to get all of it done because we have to go pick up produce today. Either way once it is done then I will pull out my bread recipes and start cracking on those.

I am almost finished with my first pair of baby booties!! They are for this one’s first winter. The pattern came from the book I have listed in the “currently reading” section at the beginning of this post. I had an amazon gift certificate and I treated myself to that book. Now of course I need more yarn and that of course means a trip to the awesome yarn shop in the city and then maybe some shopping at knitpix.com

Since it is quiet in the house I am going to eat breakfast and work on deboning a chicken. Sounds like tons of fun doesn’t it??

Oh before I forget, something that Emi (3)has been saying for a long time now that we find really telling of the generation she is growing up in is “Pause that mama” If I am reading to her and she wants to get down and get something or if she needs to leave while she is helping me cook she says “Pause it, I’ll be right back.”

She’s a cutie but I’m partial I guess!


DSC07268 DSC07269



Pregnancy Recap in bullet points…..

because maybe then the baby will arrive!!


  • Got pregnant the day after my birthday, which is the day after my youngest’s 1st birthday. This is the only baby that I know when I got pregnant.
  • Expected to feel like total crap for the first 20weeks but was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t.
  • Threw up a total of 4times before week 11.
  • Did not have the usual first trimester need to sleep all the time.
  • Felt the worst at night but if I laid down then I was fine.
  • Started showing the minute after I took the pregnancy test! (ok so a few weeks but those that have BTDT know what I mean)
  • Had to eat every 2hours without fail during the 1st and part of the 2nd trimester and it had to be protien packed.
  • Feeling so good and eating so much by week 12 that I am sure this one is a boy.
  • Find a midwife that will work with us financially so we can have a homebirth.
  • Definitely showing by week 14.
  • Finally blog about it since all of the family knows.
  • Feel flutters around week 16
  • Feeling good and enjoying all that pregnancy has to offer.
  • Ultrasound confirms what my husband knew all along IT’s A GIRL!!
  • Now I am trying to figure out why I couldn’t have had pregnancies like this all along.
  • Taking a lot of belly shots this pregnancy. Totally embracing my pregnant self and loving it.
  • Hit a point of being tired a lot. Low iron.
  • Having a hard time being an effective mom around the 7.5month mark.
  • Still enjoying being pregnant but getting bigger is slowing me down.
  • Kids can feel the baby move often.
  • Emi is the most affectionent to my belly and starts talking to the baby and giving her hugs.
  • The bigs are excited and love to feel her move.
  • Awesome friends give me a blessing way.
  • I have a mental breakdown this past weekend and my husband isn’t sure what to do.
  • I’m not sure I’m going to make it another day.
  • Jorry thinks it would be cool to have the baby on 8-8-08 at 8:08am/pm. I ask him if he realizes how far off that is from now and if he really wants to live with me like this for that length of time. I got a resounding NO.
  • Did I mention that I don’t think I will make it another day??
  • Birth supplies are in and all in one place.
  • Birth pool is up and ready to fill when the time comes.
  • I’m not sure I can make it another day.
  • Baby is still active, but head is down and she can come anytime she would like (today??)
  • Feeling very needy and wanting people ( husband, older kids) to get that and be mega helpful not just marginally helpful.
  • Will take pictures with Jorry this evening because he wants to since it is our last pregnancy.
  • Not sure I will make it another day.



This is what happens when littles don’t go down at their usual nap time.



And this is what happens when they do nap and I choose not to do housework.


It’s the same pattern as the last one just a bit bigger and I tried my hand at a ruffled cuff.

Then there is this awesome gift from my friend Pam!!



Aren’t they cute? She kool-aid dyed the yarn and embroidered watermelon seeds to the tush.

Very fitting because I have had a lot of watermelon this pregnancy.

Have an awesome day!


We love where we live…..

Really we do. It is a smallish community but it isn’t too far from the big city. The day after we drove into the drive way of our rental home two of our neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They let us know when trash day was and offered to let us put our trash with theirs until we got our service going.

Then the wife of one of the men that had stopped by came over with some yummy sandwich spread and brownies. Then all through out the summer she and her husband supplied us with surplus from the garden that he grows.

The other neighbor let us borrow his lawnmower until we were able to get our own.

Just a couple of weeks ago S. our neighbor to our right saw that one of our window screens needed repair. He had been fixing some of his so he sent over his left over stuff so we could fix ours.

We plan on moving to the country next spring and I will miss our neighbors here a lot. They are priceless. I know this from having previously yucky neighbors and from reading other people’s blogs.

We have a farmer’s market here that is small but great. I met our organic farmer there last year. So we have access to organic dairy products and veggies. Through him my older girls found out that they will be able to show animals in 4H next year. He plans on keeping animals on the farm for the kids to come take care of for their projects. My oldest is super excited because she really wanted to work with animals this year but couldn’t because we didn’t have access to any.

Then of course there is the community of AP(attachment parenting) families. We are truly working to be a community in action for one another. Providing transportation, meals, child care, sharing what we have or trading/bartering for services etc.

Our down town is being restrored. The big theme is art. They have concerts on the square and a new art gallery has opened up. There is a coffee shop that offers “paint-your-own” pottery along with classes. We have an old fashioned malt shop that serves awesome malts and REAL cherry cokes with a side of great conversation with the owner.

The homeschooling community is pretty awesome as well. Even though we unschool my older girls take part in a structured co-op and they enjoy it. We still stand out but that’s ok. They like seeing their friends. We have another group that gets together once a month for activities that they like. We just haven’t made it to many of them this  year. I was really impressed with how well organized our state was in the area of homeschooling. Much better than where we moved from.

Yes, I feel truly blessed to be here in our little corner of the world.




Blessing pictures

My mama blessing was this past Saturday and it was wonderful!

The hostesses bought flowers and the blessing began with everyone choosing a flower from the bouquet and adding it to a floral wreath that I wore for the day.

A poem was read and then each person lit a candle and offered a prayer or blessing for me for the up coming birth. These ranged from strength, joy,peace, a fast labor but not too fast, relying on God and so on.

Then it was time to eat which of course was great!

Then the henna belly painting began. I chose a pysanky flower and my friend Pam drew it first in marker and then people took turns painting over it with the henna.

We talked and chatted about birth and children and life. There were tears and there was laughter and it is all something I will treasure.

Each person then took the henna and wrote a word on themselves that they wished for my birth. After that yarn was used to make a bracelet for each person. It is wrapped around your wrist for the number of births you have had and then tied off. These two things are reminders to pray for me and send positive thoughts from now until the time this little one makes her debut.

While the henna was drying we strung beads for my labor necklace. Similar to the lighting of the candles each person explained why they chose the bead and then placed it on the necklace. I recieved beads from each person there and also from friends and family that had sent them to me over the last few weeks. Each person that mailed them to me sent a prayer and blessing with the bead and I will be scrapbooking those along with pictures of the labor necklace. It is something I will treasure always and hand down to this newest blessing when the time is right.

Then everyone went their seperate ways and I was left with great memories and a basket full of homemade bath salts, baby bath(can’t wait to use that K!!),lavendar, and chocolate and sparkeling strawberry dring for after the birth!

I am so totally blessed to be a part of this community of women. You all rock and I look forward to being able to pay it forward.


Feeling the baby move! She was very active that day…she must have felt all of the love too.


Painting begins




The labor necklace!