Blessing pictures

My mama blessing was this past Saturday and it was wonderful!

The hostesses bought flowers and the blessing began with everyone choosing a flower from the bouquet and adding it to a floral wreath that I wore for the day.

A poem was read and then each person lit a candle and offered a prayer or blessing for me for the up coming birth. These ranged from strength, joy,peace, a fast labor but not too fast, relying on God and so on.

Then it was time to eat which of course was great!

Then the henna belly painting began. I chose a pysanky flower and my friend Pam drew it first in marker and then people took turns painting over it with the henna.

We talked and chatted about birth and children and life. There were tears and there was laughter and it is all something I will treasure.

Each person then took the henna and wrote a word on themselves that they wished for my birth. After that yarn was used to make a bracelet for each person. It is wrapped around your wrist for the number of births you have had and then tied off. These two things are reminders to pray for me and send positive thoughts from now until the time this little one makes her debut.

While the henna was drying we strung beads for my labor necklace. Similar to the lighting of the candles each person explained why they chose the bead and then placed it on the necklace. I recieved beads from each person there and also from friends and family that had sent them to me over the last few weeks. Each person that mailed them to me sent a prayer and blessing with the bead and I will be scrapbooking those along with pictures of the labor necklace. It is something I will treasure always and hand down to this newest blessing when the time is right.

Then everyone went their seperate ways and I was left with great memories and a basket full of homemade bath salts, baby bath(can’t wait to use that K!!),lavendar, and chocolate and sparkeling strawberry dring for after the birth!

I am so totally blessed to be a part of this community of women. You all rock and I look forward to being able to pay it forward.


Feeling the baby move! She was very active that day…she must have felt all of the love too.


Painting begins




The labor necklace!




11 thoughts on “Blessing pictures

  1. wow that is crazy awesome!!!  I send energy for ease in opening, safe passage and a blessed peaceful entry into your family. May you have all that need in your time of birthing –

    Blessed Be!

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