We love where we live…..

Really we do. It is a smallish community but it isn’t too far from the big city. The day after we drove into the drive way of our rental home two of our neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They let us know when trash day was and offered to let us put our trash with theirs until we got our service going.

Then the wife of one of the men that had stopped by came over with some yummy sandwich spread and brownies. Then all through out the summer she and her husband supplied us with surplus from the garden that he grows.

The other neighbor let us borrow his lawnmower until we were able to get our own.

Just a couple of weeks ago S. our neighbor to our right saw that one of our window screens needed repair. He had been fixing some of his so he sent over his left over stuff so we could fix ours.

We plan on moving to the country next spring and I will miss our neighbors here a lot. They are priceless. I know this from having previously yucky neighbors and from reading other people’s blogs.

We have a farmer’s market here that is small but great. I met our organic farmer there last year. So we have access to organic dairy products and veggies. Through him my older girls found out that they will be able to show animals in 4H next year. He plans on keeping animals on the farm for the kids to come take care of for their projects. My oldest is super excited because she really wanted to work with animals this year but couldn’t because we didn’t have access to any.

Then of course there is the community of AP(attachment parenting) families. We are truly working to be a community in action for one another. Providing transportation, meals, child care, sharing what we have or trading/bartering for services etc.

Our down town is being restrored. The big theme is art. They have concerts on the square and a new art gallery has opened up. There is a coffee shop that offers “paint-your-own” pottery along with classes. We have an old fashioned malt shop that serves awesome malts and REAL cherry cokes with a side of great conversation with the owner.

The homeschooling community is pretty awesome as well. Even though we unschool my older girls take part in a structured co-op and they enjoy it. We still stand out but that’s ok. They like seeing their friends. We have another group that gets together once a month for activities that they like. We just haven’t made it to many of them this  year. I was really impressed with how well organized our state was in the area of homeschooling. Much better than where we moved from.

Yes, I feel truly blessed to be here in our little corner of the world.




9 thoughts on “We love where we live…..

  1. Yup, yup, yup!!!!!   We like having you here too, even though it’s been hard working out time to get together!
    The “coffee shop that offers “paint-your-own” pottery”…. Grrrrr……  Darci hasn’t been back by there, nor will she probably ever go back.  Personally, I don’t have a problem w/ it, but I don’t know the manager that treated her like dirt, either.  (That’s the best way to get my hackles up…. treating my kids like dirt.)
    RYC:  We drove up to just east of Lafayette… Prelock Blueberry Farm.  It’s about 1 1/2 hour drive, but at $1.89 per pound, instead of $3.99 a dry pint, it’s totally worth it for us!  Yum!!!!

  2. Sounds awesome! We drove through Marietta and went to a street fair for the 4th there. It seems more our pace. B could possibly have an interview for a job there anyday now. Even though I hate to move again, I’m thinking we’d like the area so much better than where we are now. WE NEED ROOM TO RUN AROUND!!! WE NEED A YARD!!! I don’t even care what the house looks like, as long as we have green space, you know?

  3. I like the sound of that. I’ve been talking with my family and Anne’s about moving somewhere we can be a community in real time, not just online. We’d have to live on the same street. Unfortunately, I seem to be moving more toward semi-rural life, where Anne wants urban. But what you say about your town sounds great. I’d love to hear more. And I’ll make sure to look around when I’m there to help you later.

  4. sounds like our small town i’m finally becoming a part of.your girls are beautiful and i love the pics of your blessing

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