This is what happens when littles don’t go down at their usual nap time.



And this is what happens when they do nap and I choose not to do housework.


It’s the same pattern as the last one just a bit bigger and I tried my hand at a ruffled cuff.

Then there is this awesome gift from my friend Pam!!



Aren’t they cute? She kool-aid dyed the yarn and embroidered watermelon seeds to the tush.

Very fitting because I have had a lot of watermelon this pregnancy.

Have an awesome day!



7 thoughts on “Life

  1. I’m not that cute when I don;t get my nap. I just get cranky. Or so I am told.
    I think your handiwork is so cute that you should just give up housework altogether. Let those with less creative skills take care of all of that for you. How cool would that be?!
    I love you, JoAnn, and I am praying for the safe and timely arrival of your little one.
    Daddy Hat

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