No baby, just annoying end of pregnancy issues that I will spare you the details on. Nothing dangerous or anything. It just slows me down and is annoying.

I have contractions here and there but none that even begin to resemble a pattern for labor.

My awesome friend Anna is coming to give me a massage today!! Maybe that will relax me enough to kick labor in gear. I’m not over due but I am ready.

I met with my friend Pam last night to chat and knit. We both needed a night out of the house.

There was a robbery last night at the gas station up the road. I was laying down trying to go to sleep when I saw white lights flashing across our yard. I thought it was a car turning around in the parking lot that is next to our house. Then Aly came in to say that there were police officers walking the perimeter of our yard. I look outside and down the road a bit I see the lights from the cop’s car.

A little bit later there is a knock at the door and they tell my husband about the robbery. There were two guys and they ran. One was in custody but they were looking for the other one. Apparently they had taken off to the area that is behind the row of houses we live in.

Our side door on our garage was opened a bit so they asked permission to search there and then they continued to search around the yard. The door was like that earlier so we at least knew that no one had opened it.

They were still searching around 3am according to SiSi. I had drifted off to sleep around 2am. I’m sure it will be in the paper. This is big time for our small town. The gas station was open this morning. I don’t think anyone was physically harmed. I can’t imagine their mental state though.

I personally thought that they should have been looking in the corn field across from the gas station. A person could get lost in all that corn and not come out for days!!

I haven’t made any bread. My annoying problem makes it hard to stand for a long time. I’ll see how I feel today. I really hate it when I have all this get up and go and a monkey wrench is thrown in the middle of it.

I do need to work on our bedroom and wash some clothes. I am down to two things that I can wear on the bottom half of my body and about the same amount that I can wear on the top. So I think she should arrive any day now since I can’t go to town naked.

Ok, I am off to pick up my knitting and start the laundry.

Have a great day!!

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  1. That robbery sounds scary and that the police were searching your yard!  Eeek.  That would freak me out late at night.  You’re almost done!  I can totally relate to how ridiculous it is at the end of a pregnancy and having NOTHING to wear that fits.  At that point you start wishing to have the baby just so you can wear your mid-size maternity clothes again after the birth.  Are you going to try any natural induction techniques?  (Sex always puts me into labor). 

  2. @lizzyjenson – At the point that they were searching around the yard I think they were just looking for the money they got because there would be no where in our yard for the guy to hide. Picture former corn field no trees, that’s our back yard. Now on the other side of the fence there are trees to offer privacy between us and a business. No way he could have hid there for long. As for natural induction techniques…I might if we actually go over. Sex only works for creating the baby for us, has never helped in encouraging them to come out. 😉

  3. I so do not envy you right now. Both times I hated the last weeks of being pregnant. It’s so uncomfortable. Rest as much as you can. (are you sick of hearing that yet?!) You seem to be as prepared as anybody can really ever be.

  4. I checked this before I left this AM, but it looks like you posted 15 minutes later! I wish I’d known what you needed so I could have done some laundry! Oh well. What kind of bread were you going to bake?

  5. @Anna – Are you kidding?? What you did was awesome!! Seriously I hate the kitchen and having someone else in there doing that for me was the best. As for the bread I was just going to mix up some biscuits and put them in the freezer. I haven’t been able to find my other recipes but I wanted to do some crescent rolls and some loaves of wheat bread. My massage was fantastic by the way!!

  6. That sounded a bit scary. Surprised you didn’t go into labor then! Relax it is coming soon!! Tell your family this is to be a week of pampering and see what they come up with. It will be fun to see what the little ones think of as “pampering”!

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