Fast entry

Still pregnant with absolutely no signs of labor.

Wow that sounds like a weather report! LOL

Kids are sleeping so I am going to knit.

Will let you know if things change.

Thanks for the support!

6 thoughts on “Fast entry

  1. No worries, she will come when she is ready to embrace the E home!!! (lol) And you can just send me that sweet baby stuff!!! I can store it. You know I really want a sling, so even if it was just that, that would be great!!! No babies any time soon. Maybe next year.

  2. Hang in there…she can’t stay in there forever…unless she does like Jackie Chan…his mom was pregnant with him for 12 months I heard…finally someone in their little village felt pity for her and took her to the dr in the city…I’m sure that’s all a rumor…i’ll have to snopes it…if it’s not, boy did he turn out okay! Are you laughing or cussing me right now? My midwife is at Maternal Gynerations in Lawrenceville. I have only had one apptmt. so I don’t have a set one yet. (There are 6 in the practice.) The one I saw was precious and like a little grandma. I really liked her. I felt so special at that visit…which was a pleasant surprise. I just realized though that I may need to change hospitals since we’ll be so far away after we move…i don’t want to change because here when i go in the nmw on call will stay with me throughout the entire labor and help me with the pain (jacuzzi, walking, massage, etc.) and even deliver the baby. It’s the closest thing i found to a homebirth.

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