I Didn’t Blog Yesterday

Because we were welcoming out newest addition to the family.

Please welcome Zoe Tait

Her name means “Life Brings Joy”

8lbs 2oz

20in long

My water broke at 2am and she didn’t arrive until 7:35pm. I’ll post the birth story with details later. Suffice it to say that when she did decide to make her debut she didn’t waste her time.

We are doing fine. Tired but ecstatic. A wonderful homebirth.

Thank you God!!


SANY0943 DSC07348




22 thoughts on “I Didn’t Blog Yesterday

  1. She is so beautiful and I LOVE the name!  Girl, I am impressed…… that many girls has got to be a record!  I am so excited for you – I’m up anyway and can’t sleep and just happened to see your update on Facebook and now I’m so hyped, I’ll never sleep.  Welcome, Zoe Tait!!!!!

  2. What a chubby little monkey!!! Oh my goodness she was sooooooooooo worth your wait! Can’t wait to hear if she was born in the pool out of the pool –
    Cagen was born in the pool and it was so cool I caught him myself – how empowering that was!
    So you have 5 girls – I have 5 boys – lets talk LOL!

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