Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments in my previous post.

I’m doing better.

Friends gave me a wonderful mama blessing yesterday. I will share pictures and details later. Right now I need to go put my labor necklace together while everyone is still sleeping.

Just wanted to check in to say thanks, I’m better oh and I’m still pregnant.

Daddy Hat today would be fine with me but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. It’s early we shall see. How cool would that be??

BLAH, blah, blah, blah,blah.

Still pregnant, as I should be.


Parenting is not on my list of favorite things to do this week



Yesterday for the first half of the day it rained as if we were in a drought. We aren’t, the last thing we need is more rain. After lunch it had cleared.

The littles and I went to our attachment parenting meeting only to find out that the church it is held in was closed.

A few other families showed up and after sitting in the parking lot chatting for a bit we all parted ways.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby and bought some new needles and yarn for this project. I had $10 left on a gift card I had and now I have .09¢

Then I came home and just relaxed for a bit before heading off to the store to get the things we needed for our cook out. My brother kindly bought all the meat and took care of that job and I did all the salad stuff. Let’s see what did we have??

Steak,chicken,hotdogs,sauteed veggies,pasta salad,deviled eggs,and corn on the cob.

Then for dessert we had pound cake with strawberries and cool whip.

Yes, we ate too much but it was all good.

Jorry took the girls to watch the fireworks while my brother, Ace and I hung out here at the house. It took her forever to fall asleep. I think she was worried she was going to miss something.

I hope your 4th was fun!!

Nothing exciting going on here.

I had contractions for about an hour yesterday. 5minutes apart for most of the time and they were uncomfortable. However they stopped and that is fine with me. We aren’t ready yet. My birth kit is due to arrive Sat. and my house is a mess so we can’t have a baby yet.

Today housework will abound.

I found some belly shots that I hadn’t posted.





I’m pretty sure Ace will have tatoos when she gets old enough. She loves to draw on herself more than any of my other kids did.

Maybe by the time she is ready for her tatoo I will be brave enough to get the one I have rolling around in my head!

Have a great day!