Baby Love






Still a baby!!



12 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. Your kiddos are adorable, funny the pics I get of the 3 of us look like yours, except we have one less,lol.  The baby always screaming!
    I love those little pants, are they crocheted?

  2. Oh my gosh I love these!!!!
    I slept with all of my babies, we called me the mommy mattress, that pic of you sleeping brought back sweet memories for me.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!!!!

  3. How did I miss your post below?!!  Congrats on baby Zoe!  Wow, she is a gorgeous girl.  I’m glad the birth went so well and I can not WAIT to hear the story.  Was it a waterbirth?  She is soooo sweet.  Her little pants (or is it a soaker?) are so adorable.  Do you have her in cloth?  If so, is it a pain since newborns poop 20 times a day?  I am hesitant to put cloth on my newborn.  I didn’t start CD’ing until my last was 6 months and brother was 19 mos so I don’t know how it goes on a newborn.  Congrats again!!  I can’t believe how cute and sweet she is.

  4. @lizzyjenson – Thanks for the congrats! It wsn’t a waterbirth but I’m ok with that. Each time I got in the water it slowed things down. She is wearing a wool longie in the pic. It’s still a soaker just with legs. She is in cloth and so far she isn’t a 20x a day pooper, but she pees a lot. Either way since this is my 3rd newborn to be in cloth I don’t mind. Plus it’s the second time I will be cloth diapering two at the same time. I wash the same amount of days each week, I am blessed to have a large stash for both of them so I rarely get to the pont of “gotta wash so we have dipes”

  5. Oh so sweet! I love the black and white one. These are making me so excited…I have to stop looking because I’m getting impatient! I am going to cloth diaper this time! You’ll have to give me lots of pointers since this will be my first time! Enjoy those naps!

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