Soaking in the Newness






14 thoughts on “Soaking in the Newness

  1. Congratulations dear friend! Sorry it has taken me so long to get on here and say that. I am so thrilled for you. She is beautiful! Love the stork bite! Just means she got some extra lovin’. LOL!!! I don’t know, I’m delirious….I am so happy for you guys. Love ya!

  2. Oh my goodnes…… how sweet!!! So darn sweet! I wish we lived near by I would love to get my camera on the sweet little package!! AMAZING!!!
    Jo,  I know you know this … but it goes so fast! So darn fast!!! SOAK IT IN and HOLD ON TO IT!!!
    I miss my babies!!

  3. The minute I saw your comment on my blog I gasped cuz I knew you must have had the baby and I missed it!  So ….CONGRATULATIONS to you and your whole family. ..and WELCOME TO THE WORLD  Zoe!
    She’s BEAUTIFUL! I love your pictures…PRECIOUS.
    And I love your new profile picture too  …you look so JOYOUS! 🙂

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