Remember these two?


They are now known as

“The Dynamic Disaster Duo”

Don’t let their sweet faces fool you.

They have taken making messes to a whole new level.

They get into things in 2.5 seconds.

They are able to reach things that you were sure were not reachable.

Together they are almost unstoppable.

They are well trained in the art of ignoring anyone trying to redirect them.

I repeat, don’t let their sweet faces fool you.

Let’s just recap some of the things that have happened since Z. has arrived.

The birthing pool was still up the day after the birth and I was by myself for a bit while Jorry went to the grocery store. Ace came into the bedroom carrying a stuffed cat. She was proudly showing it to me while doing a great vocal cat impersonation. As she lifts it up higher so I can see it, it drops from her hand into the birthing pool. I watch as the meow, meow goes floating across the pool to the other side. I get up to resuce it and grab a towel to dry it off.

Then while drying off the cat Emi picks up the end of the hose that was used to fill the tub and promptly turns it in a downward motion towards the carpet. Out flows all of the water that was still just sitting in the hose. I grab the afore mentioned towel and proceed to clean that up.

Jorry makes it back and proceeds to get the pump hooked up so we can drain the pool and avoid anymore floating cats or soaked carpets. He gets it all in place ;pump in the pool, other end of the hose in the bathtub. The pump doesn’t come on and we realize that the switch for the outlet isn’t on. Little did we know that while we were trying to figure out what was wrong one of the dynamic disaster duo twins had been in the bathroom. With a flip of the switch we here the water running into what we think is the bathtub. Jorry heads in there to double check things and finds a small flood on the bathroom floor. Yep, you guessed it, they had removed the hose from the tub. This time the afore mentioned towel was not going to handle the job and I had to grab every clean towel we had.

Then there have been the numerous extractions from the main bathroom. The younger half of the duo loves to climb up on the toilet and play in the water in the sink. Yesterday it was an extraction from our bathroom where they had found the shaving cream their dad left on the side of the tub. The door does have a child proof lock on it but it only works if the last person out of the bathroom remembers to shut the door all the way.

At one point after quickly putting the baby down I found them standing on a chair pulled up to the refrigerator in the kitchen. They had the freezer door open and both of them were standing with their heads in the freezer. When I asked them what they were doing the older member says “We’re just looking for something for supper.”

I now have a black sharpie stain on my dining room table because the 3yo was coloring on a piece of paper and it bled through.

So far though no one has been stuffed in the dryer nor have they tied up their older siblings and tickled them until they couldn’t breathe.


It could happen though, they are just that clever! 


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  1. Not that it is a contest lol but my 22 month old beat out your dynmic due by a long shot!
     The little Monkey has been able to open the front door since he could walk … and that is fine our yard is 100% gated … or it was fine until he learned how to turn the water spiket (located just outside the front door) on..  ath the time it had a hose with a sprinkler on it.. So, everyone was outside with Hubby I decided I could go the (with the door shut) and do what you doo in the bathroom lol. I heard back door open and close, then heard the front door open (but not close) – I thought not much of this.. other then cold air is getting out… remember Hubby is outside with them.. But suddnely hear a weird sound .. like a sprinkler.. so I start screaming and I do mean screaming for the older kids and Hubby … but nobody comes. Then  hear tremendous toddler laughter and shouts of glee.. I pulled up the pants and  ran out –
    YEP the 22 month old had the sprinkler on in the living room!!!
    We have tile floors for a reason ;-/ 

  2. oh no!!! ok does it help at all that I promise you that in 15 yrs you will look back on this and laugh and laugh til your sides spit over what crazy notions your kids preformed? or would it be better if I praised you endlessly for finding the patience to deal with your little darlings without ripping them in half? or should i remind you how precious they are and how blessed you are to have them in your life and how boring life would be without them??which ever one you need the most; just take that one! πŸ˜‰

  3. YEP!! I believe they can be the dyanmic duo!!! lol… If I remember correctly you were into things all the time!! Or was that me!! None the less I will pray you will not loose your mind.HEH HEH…. It will get easier. And just think you will always have something to write about!!! LOL…
    Jilly Moo!!

  4. @mommiefor2 – twas not me that got into things. That would have been you. I only climbed out of bedroom windows to follow the flower delivery guy. I at least had a goal…obtaining flowers, you however, I’m not sure what your goals were! LOL

  5. I think your girls and my boys are up on the internet late at night swapping ideas!  I sooooo feel your pain!  And for some reason, I can imagine both you AND Jill got into your fair share stuff…..

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