Bad Postpartum Afternoon

I had a rough afternoon. I’m not sure where it came from but I wish it hadn’t happened.

I still need to apologize to my kids.

I’m glad to no longer be pregnant but these hormones can really make things challenging.

I have been thinking about my dad a lot. Watching the movie Finding Neverland yesterday really started the water works. That is really a depressing movie. I like Johnny Dep but I don’t think I will be watching that one again.

I do have placenta capsules to take to help with the moods and to avoid post partum depression. I haven’t ever dealt with that after a birth but I was worried about it this time.

What are placenta capsules you ask? They are capsules that contain the dehydrated and powdered placenta that belonged to both Zoe and I.

I have two friends that have started doing this for moms. It helps, it really does. I don’t have time to go into great detail about the benefits but if you are curious you can go to this website and do some reading.

I would have avoided my meltdown if I had taken a capsule or two. I know because I have avoided several by taking a capsule.

Now I am off to go grab a treat for myself and Aly so we can regroup after this afternoon.


7 thoughts on “Bad Postpartum Afternoon

  1. I’m so sorry you had a rough hormonal day. I did.. and I’m not postpartum! I have never heard of the placenta capsules. I’m going to have to follow your link and get an education! Hope you have a MUCH better evening.((()))

  2. I think everyone can relate.  I was reading on the ivillage homebirth board about some women who eat the placenta raw from chunks in their freezer.  The capsules sound MUCH BETTER.

  3. I am wondering… are you drinking enough water and other liquids? Are you going pee often enough? Have you sat outside in the heat, to just sweat for 10 min? Why am I asking you all of this? Well, because your body has an over load of hormones which when out of balance can act like a toxin to your system so flushing it out is a good idea…If your sick of water try Pomogranite & Cranberry juice with a splash of gingerale! 
     I believe women “open” during this period.. and  she should take caution to avoid certain” input” and stimulation during this time. . She should be; resting, eating, drinking, celebrating, loving, feeling, and simply BEING –
    Jo, .. LIFE has sprung from within you. are a VESSEL . and open at the moment …filter what you allow back in to your openness.
     Be gentle and kind to yourself — for if you are not, you will not be gentle and kind to those around you.
    Your baby is precious – your *body* created that preciousness one! . You owe your body a “thank-you” in the form of nurturing and caring for it- look what an AMAZING job your body did in allowing  her creation and forming within in you!  With the same tender care you are caring for you newborn baby with you should be caring for your own body with.

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