Late Night Learning

I am a morning person, have always been that way. Staying up late was always hard for me. I was usually the first one asleep at sleepovers and the first one up. So it makes perfect sense that I have given birth to at least 3 night owls who seem to get into a learning mode at about 10pm until the wee hours of the morning.

Right now the Aly is up doing an African dance workout video. Emily (3yo) is trying to workout too which is causing some distress for Aly. SiSi and I have been searching for letterboxes in our area that we can search for this weekend.

Earlier Aly was reviewing the geneology information her great grandmother gave to her. She plans to do searches on the surnames in the family tree. SiSi decided she wanted to sew something so I set her up on the sewing machine and she started sewing. She didn’t have a specific thing in mind to make and wound up making a fairy bed.

We looked up the teen labor laws for our state to find out when Aly could actually go to work. She has to wait one more year so she thinks she is going to look into doing some volunteer work with a local vet.

Now as I end this post Aly is doing a hip hop work out video,SiSi is asleep on the couch, Emi is cutting construction paper and Zoe is waking up to nurse.

Living and learning, it’s a 24hour thing!!


8 thoughts on “Late Night Learning

  1. You’re an Unschooler is that correct?  I am so interested in learning more about homeschooling and unschooling etc…Were there any books that you found helped withmaking the right decision for you and your family?  It is so hard to find info on it…espescially Canadian stuff…I would appreciate if you would be willing to share what you have learned…when you get a moment 😉

  2. lol ryc Well, where sin abounnds grace abounds more and both 13 y/os and 3 y/os do lots of sinning, especially of the honor your Mother type, so yes I think you get extra grace.
    There is an old preacher joke about how even Jesus did not enjoy the company of children. That is why he said “suffer the little children to come unto me.” Remember…it is only a joke! =D
    I love you, JoAnn.
    Daddy Hat

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