Boiling bras and baby pictures

No, the title is not a mistake. I am boiling, not burning my bras in an effort to kill the yeast that might be lurking in them. Probably TMI for some of my readers…sorry.

I have dealt with thrush since Ace was 6weeks old. Yes, for almost 22months. So, after 4days of being purple from using gentian violet and decreasing my refind sugar to almost nil (yes I ate some strawberry cheese cake icecream) I think we are thrush free!!!! She doesn’t have any in her mouth and I am no longer in pain so I think that indicates that it is gone.


Ok and now on to some baby pictures. After I downloaded these I realized that we don’t have as many of just Z as I thought. So we will take some pictures today and post tomorrow in honor of her being a month old!!

Telling stories to mom and dad



Lovin’ on Uncle Josh and Nana



All the girls and Nana





11 thoughts on “Boiling bras and baby pictures

  1. She’s already a month old?!?!?!?!  How did *that* happen?
    I think we may have dealt w/ thrush once, but I don’t even remember which baby it was, & I don’t think it lasted very long.  I don’t know… maybe I’m thinking of something else.  Everything seems to be running together right now.

  2. Ok first I have to make fun of you for the comment you left me!! A little sleep deprived are we!! lol… And I love the pic with mom and the girls. WOW how Ace has grown. Time for a trip cause I am missing that baby love!!!

  3. I was trying to figure out how boiling the baby pictures with the bras was going to kill yeast. I think I need more coffee. Do bras shrink when boiled in baby pictures? I definitely need more coffee.
    Baby Z is beautiful. All of your girls are beautiful. You are beautiful.
    I went and left a comment for your big little brother. I think we share a common language, he and I. =)
    Daddy Hat

  4. Beautiful! I can’t believe she’s already one month old! Don’t you wish you could just freeze time? RYC: I am not taking anything for my congestion. Just waiting for my ears to pop. Everything else (nose and throat) is clearing up. Any suggestions? Chiropractor would work I bet.

  5. Did you say a month old?
    How is that possible?
    She is a sweetie 🙂
    Glad your thrush is gone, I never got that while nursing but I can imagine how awful it is.

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