Fighting dragons in our fairy tale world

For Daddy Hat. I thought of this song when I read your fairytale post this morning. I think of my dad everytime I hear it and now I will think of you too. The line that stands out the most is “Only a King would do anything to protect His kingdom.” I know that is what you are doing by fighting this dragon and I know you know that your dad,my dad and our heavenly dad are cheering you on. I also know that you will never quit.



2 thoughts on “Fighting dragons in our fairy tale world

  1. Thank you, sweetheart. Love woke me up this morning, too.
    What a wonderful song. Just beautiful. I was listening and the girl singing reminded me so much of a young lady that spent a great deal of time in our home for three years. Young and beautiful and talented. Taught herself guitar and piano and well, you get the idea. Her name is Bethany. Then the video ended and I saw the name of the beautiful, talented young lady who sang it was Bethany. I have never believed in coincidence. This Bethany os not my Bethany, but this was just one more reminder that God is in control of the smallest of details and he uses each of us to encourage one another in ways we could never begin to know. Thank you for letting him use you to show me his love. Between His and yours, I do feel very loved this morning.
    I love you, JoAnn.
    Daddy Hat

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