Last week in review

Monday—at home nothing exciting

Tuesday—- still at home, usual daily living–called to wish my Grandmother a Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday—-Pam and her kiddos came over and we made stepping stones. They actually turned out great and I will post pictures of the day soon.

Thursday—Finalized plans for the bigs trip up north to visit grandparents and great grandparents as well as Jorry’s hunting trip.

Friday—Dentist appointments for Aly, SiSi and Emi. 5 cavities for #1, 2 for #2 ,and none for #3. They will be getting the fillings and sealants put on their teeth over the next few weeks. Thankfully they have dental insurance!!!

Sat.—We went to the Levi Coffin House. It is a house that was the grand central station of the underground railroad. I got to enjoy the first 10min of the tour and then had to step out with the littles. The bigs went all the way through and enjoyed it.

Sunday—–Hung out at the house and tried to get a nap. That of course didn’t happen, however I did get a bath! LOL! Ace had a bad night not sure what was going on there.


More on unschooling

I thought I would share about our day yesterday to give a peek into what an unschooling day might look like. Keep in mind each day will be different and for every family a typical day will be different.

First thing to note is the cable and internet were out due to a problem in the area. The girls were bummed about this because it happened right as the newest episode of Hannah Montana was coming on. So they started looking for a movie to watch and wound up pulling out the Little House on the Prairie Series we have.

Jorry and I went to bed with the littles and the bigs stayed up as they usually do. Fast forward to midnight which officially begins yesterday. Aly was still up because it was midnight and not 2am. When I woke up at 7am I found several books on the floor. They were all Native American focused. One on bead work, one about cultural practices in differing tribes that related to being female, and one telling a legend that I cannot find to give you the title on. She had been up reading bits and pieces of each of them.

Not long after I was up the littles joined me. We had breakfast and they played while I started cleaning the bathroom. It was my deep clean project for the day. I got almost completely finished when I was called away. I don’t remember for what specifically but I know that I asked Aly to watch the baby later in the day so I could finish it up.

Aly joined us that morning before lunch which is really rare. She came out, said good morning and sat down on the couch to work on her Chinese. She is taking the class in the co-op they attend.

**One quick side note….the co-op is at their request. If I had my druthers we wouldn’t go. They like going to see friends and since all of these friends school at home it’s really the only time they get to see them.

Ok back to our day. After working on her Chinese for a bit Aly jumped on the computer to play some online games. She found a website called and had signed up a few days ago so she could adopt and take care of a virtual horse. Yesterday she decided she wasn’t going to continue to play on that site because her horse had worms and the only way to get the vaccination is to purchase what is called a “pass”. It costs about $3 per pass and they want a credit card number. So she decided to create a new account at horseland instead. No “passes” needed there.

I fixed lunch for the littles and after we ate we sat on the couch and read for a while. I was hoping they would fall asleep but it didn’t happen.

Somewhere around 1:30pm SiSi joined us. She greeted everyone and promptly jumped on the computer. Aly meanwhile discovered that the cable was still out and decided to put Little House on again. We watched and talked about life then, the different characters etc.

Interspersed through the day are diaper changes, 15minute room rescues,more Chinese, lots of “how do you spell?” from SiSi and lots of play.

The day actually went by faster than I realized and before I knew it it was time to get supper going. The bigs help me by watching the littles. Aly played tag and hide and seek with them. SiSi held Z when she was fussy. I worked to get things going and on the table and before I knew it it was time to sit down and eat.

The discussion of a family movie came up. The girls wanted to rent one from Block buster. It wasn’t an option due to finances this week and so there was some time spent disappointed and upset. I suggested Apples to Apples and at first it didn’t seem like that was going to be an option. However after everyone got over their big emotions we all got together and played a round.

Then the bigs and I spent some time playing Book Worm online.

With the cable still off Aly remembered that I had gotten a History Channel DVD about the Civil Rights Movement. So we put that in and watched it together as a family. The main focus was integration of the schools and the state they chose as the center for the documentary was Mississippi. I am from MS and my girls have lived there a couple of different times. It brought things to life when places they had been and even one city they had lived in were part of the stories being shared.

After it was over I got up to clean the kitchen since Jorry was available to hold Z. While I was cleaning Bourne Supremacy was put in the dvd player.

By the time I was finished Ace was asleep on the floor, Jorry has Z asleep and he was ready for bed. We took the movie out put a Sugarland CD in and the bigs, Emi and I stayed up.

SiSi was playing bookworm and then started playing vocabulary games at Check out the link to it in my side bar. For every correct answer you give they donate 20grains of rice to help end world hunger. Aly was working on her Chinese again, I was knitting and Emi was cutting up some poster board and using a stencil to make something for Ace and Z.

Emi finally fell asleep while watching the American Girl movie “Molly” It is set in the 1940’s during WWII. Great conversations about making do with what you have etc. I’m not sure our country has experienced such a time of conservation and working together as it did during WWII.

Since Z has cold I slept in the living room with her so the air conditioning in our room wouldn’t aggravate her congestion.

When I fell asleep Aly was doing her laundry and SiSi was playing a game of Quiddler Solitaire…at least I think she was, I was very sleepy.

Since I can’t remember everything in order I will list other things that went on. The bigs took care of their meals themselves, eating when they were hungry etc. SiSi chatted on line, honing typing and spelling skills, she chatted on the phone with a friend and worked on cleaning her room. Aly continued reading the 6th Harry Potter book, Emi and Ace played pretend with babies, played outside, picked green tomatoes off the vine and ran races in the back yard.

Team work happened, meltdowns occurred, disagreements popped up and were worked through. We lived and we learned and will do so again today and it may look similar but it will for sure be different.

What I Learned Yesterday

1. The dynamic disaster duo can sniff out chocolate through any drawer in the kitchen.

2. Playful parenting CAN sometimes work on teenagers.

3. There is a floor in my room and not just a sea of clothes.

4. The song “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” was a spiritual that held a secret message during the time of the underground railroad. “home” was freedom and “chariot” was the railroad.

5. Life is best lived if you live in the moment.

Much Love!

The day of my dentist appointment Jorry sold a landscape job that put him into the amount he needed to earn his comission check. Today he will get half of that check since the customers have placed their deposits. This will allow me to be able to get part of stage1 done on my teeth!!! So the money is coming in PTL. Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming.

Zoe is growing. She now weighs 9lbs5oz. She sleeps great and prefers to be held instead of being put down. Lucky her she was born into a family with a lot of arms and a mama with plenty of slings.

Homeschool co-op was yesterday. Curriculum conversations were abundant…..ugh. I am grateful to have my friend Pam there with me this year.

The bigs have a sleep over tonight. Maybe the littles will go down and we can watch a movie.

Oh, I waved the white flag with the thrush and got a prescription for both of us. It is finally clearing up! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

I’ll end with some pictures of our smiley girl.







Dental woes….

to the tune of $5,200.00. I went to the dentist today and that is the number I walked away with. Nothing like feeling overwhelmed and completely at a loss as to where the money will come from. I cried while we were going over the figures. There are 4 stages of work needing to be done.

  1. $414
  2. $1885
  3. $1090
  4. $1854

Needless to say having no dental insurance and most often no money to go to the dentist is costing us a lot. Would you please pray specifically or send positive thoughts about the money being provided? I am praying for a miracle. The work can’t be put off, it has to happen within the year at the most and sooner would be better.

And on that note I have to go. The three year old just yelled that there is poop on the slide. No, that is not a typo!


I went shopping with all 5 of my girls yesterday and I am still alive!

It went pretty well but we did push the littles pass their shopping limit. Ace wound up melting down in the check out line. So Aly took her out to the van  while we checked out and then we headed home. Next time we have a lot to shop for we will bring the littles home after lunch to hang out with daddy.

I have a sty in my eye and it hurts.

I am battling thrush again.

I really want a coke but I can’t because of the afore mentioned thrush.

That really stinks.

I think I am doomed to a life without sugar and that is a sad sad thing.

Why does yeast exist and why has it chosen to invade my life?

On a much happier note I get to order the potty chair I want for Ace.

Add the sentence above to “The things you never thought you would be happy about list.”

Seriously though it’s a baby bjorn potty chair and she is really ready to potty learn and I am really ready to have less diapers to wash and change.

The weather will be cooler for the next few days.

It was so cool at SiSi’s soccer game this past Friday that I took the littles back to the van to get out of the wind. The game was a tie 3-3. I really hope they win one before the season is over. I think I have mentioned it before but their coach this season is AWESOME! They have learned sooo much. 

OK I am boring myself with this post so I will wrap it up.

We are here and we are surviving.

I am working on getting to the level beyond surviving called living. One day at a time I guess, one day at a time.

Much love!!!


I know there is a lot of controversy on cloning but I can safely say that right now in my current situation I would welcome having a couple of clones.

I have called all my children the wrong name today.

The laundry is beginning to talk to me from the laundry basket.

The kitchen isn’t too bad but I am sure you aren’t supposed to stick to the floor everytime you walk across it.

I have two boobs but am sure I could put another to use as much as I am nursing.

The bathrooms are science experiments once again.

I would love to read a book that doesn’t have pictures or rhyming words in it.