I know there is a lot of controversy on cloning but I can safely say that right now in my current situation I would welcome having a couple of clones.

I have called all my children the wrong name today.

The laundry is beginning to talk to me from the laundry basket.

The kitchen isn’t too bad but I am sure you aren’t supposed to stick to the floor everytime you walk across it.

I have two boobs but am sure I could put another to use as much as I am nursing.

The bathrooms are science experiments once again.

I would love to read a book that doesn’t have pictures or rhyming words in it.


10 thoughts on “Clones

  1. Okay. It occurs to me that three boobs is going to make buying shirts very complicated. Not to even mention buying unmentionables to boil with baby pictures. Cloning though…now that has some potential. One of you could come down here and relax with me and we could swap stories. I could tell you of my memories and you could tell me of your dreams.
    I am praying for you, JoAnn.
    Daddy Hat

  2. Funny blog! 3 boobs? I know some men who would be in heaven. Ewwww!!
    You can only do so much. I’ve decided to focus on what I DO get done! I don’t give myself enough credit most days!
    Thanks for your comments. I am feeling much better today after a productive weekend.

  3. More than once since this newbie has been born I have wished that my husband had breasts. Or even just one. It’s wonderful to remind myself that this is only for a season. One day I will miss staring at a tiny baby while she is nourished by my body. (At least, I assume that. I have yet to wean my 20 month old. I imagine I will miss nursing when I am no longer doing it, though.)Sidenote: I know a woman with 11 kids who just weaned her youngest at 2 and a half, and, until she weaned that child, she had been pregnant, nursing, or both for about 21 years. (Her kids came at two-ish year intervals.)That makes me feel better, too. :)Get some rest if you can. ((((Hugs))))

  4. I so get it!!!!
    I say that there needs to be more of me because everyone wants me and there isn’t enough to go around. Dh says if there were 2 of me we could have a threesome. Should I post that? LOL!  I guess I did. He is always joking 🙂

  5. Hey you could have written MY blog for the day!!! Or for the last 9 years! Except I have managed to put almost 2 of the Twilight books behind me this week! What a read!! and NO PICTURES!!

  6. You are hilarious!!! So you are “tandem” nursing? Is that what they call it when you nurse two? I couldn’t remember if you had weaned Emily(?)or not. Girl, are the “bigs” helping you with the housework? That is the next best thing to cloning! Put those girls to work! And don’t feel one bit guilty about it! Mine sweep and fold clothes and take out the trash and load and unload the dishwasher…you name it! There is NO WAY I could do it without their help. I always tell them, “We are a team! I need you!” Good luck! (Oh, and when you do finally get a chance to read again, Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What are SO good. I laugh out loud when I read his stuff…but it’s deeply spiritual at the same time.)

  7. Are you serious?  I had no idea you weren’t supposed to stick to the kitchen floor….just don’t tell my husband!
    Take a day to just relax and read a book….that will help!  Good luck!

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