I went shopping with all 5 of my girls yesterday and I am still alive!

It went pretty well but we did push the littles pass their shopping limit. Ace wound up melting down in the check out line. So Aly took her out to the van  while we checked out and then we headed home. Next time we have a lot to shop for we will bring the littles home after lunch to hang out with daddy.

I have a sty in my eye and it hurts.

I am battling thrush again.

I really want a coke but I can’t because of the afore mentioned thrush.

That really stinks.

I think I am doomed to a life without sugar and that is a sad sad thing.

Why does yeast exist and why has it chosen to invade my life?

On a much happier note I get to order the potty chair I want for Ace.

Add the sentence above to “The things you never thought you would be happy about list.”

Seriously though it’s a baby bjorn potty chair and she is really ready to potty learn and I am really ready to have less diapers to wash and change.

The weather will be cooler for the next few days.

It was so cool at SiSi’s soccer game this past Friday that I took the littles back to the van to get out of the wind. The game was a tie 3-3. I really hope they win one before the season is over. I think I have mentioned it before but their coach this season is AWESOME! They have learned sooo much. 

OK I am boring myself with this post so I will wrap it up.

We are here and we are surviving.

I am working on getting to the level beyond surviving called living. One day at a time I guess, one day at a time.

Much love!!!


6 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, I’ve battled the thrush monster too and boy does it stink. Much luck with that.
    I have to say, looking at your new girl and looking at you holding her makes me so happy and so sad to know I’m done. I want it all back! Is it possible my baby is almost two?? Gorgeous family you have and enjoy your new blessing…:)

  2. I wish I had an answer for the thrush problem, but the gentian violet always did the trick for us. 
    I’m curious–what cd’s do you use?  I’m going to try it this time around and i’m praying we stick with them!
    Have a great week!

  3. That potty chair is so worth it too, lol. We have one and it’s very easy to clean. No lid or handles or step stools attached. Just the two pieces. We take it camping because it really comes in handy in the middle of the night.

  4. You are not boring!
    I have 4 kids so I can only imagine what 5 is like 🙂
    You took on quite an adventure going out with all of them by yourself.
    I’m sorry about the thrush, I never got that even though I nursed 4 babies.
    I have studied a little homeopathy would you like me to check on a remedy that may help?

  5. All five of them shopping. WOW you super powers are SUPER MOM!!! lol… I don’t brave that with Foxx man at all!! lol… I just buy cause he could care less!! But Lo loves it so I don’t mind taking her. HMMM… who does she take after!! ha ha…
    Glad Sierra is having a better Soccer season. Connor starts Saturday! Hope he learns some fun stuff too.

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