The day of my dentist appointment Jorry sold a landscape job that put him into the amount he needed to earn his comission check. Today he will get half of that check since the customers have placed their deposits. This will allow me to be able to get part of stage1 done on my teeth!!! So the money is coming in PTL. Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming.

Zoe is growing. She now weighs 9lbs5oz. She sleeps great and prefers to be held instead of being put down. Lucky her she was born into a family with a lot of arms and a mama with plenty of slings.

Homeschool co-op was yesterday. Curriculum conversations were abundant…..ugh. I am grateful to have my friend Pam there with me this year.

The bigs have a sleep over tonight. Maybe the littles will go down and we can watch a movie.

Oh, I waved the white flag with the thrush and got a prescription for both of us. It is finally clearing up! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

I’ll end with some pictures of our smiley girl.








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