Last week in review

Monday—at home nothing exciting

Tuesday—- still at home, usual daily living–called to wish my Grandmother a Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday—-Pam and her kiddos came over and we made stepping stones. They actually turned out great and I will post pictures of the day soon.

Thursday—Finalized plans for the bigs trip up north to visit grandparents and great grandparents as well as Jorry’s hunting trip.

Friday—Dentist appointments for Aly, SiSi and Emi. 5 cavities for #1, 2 for #2 ,and none for #3. They will be getting the fillings and sealants put on their teeth over the next few weeks. Thankfully they have dental insurance!!!

Sat.—We went to the Levi Coffin House. It is a house that was the grand central station of the underground railroad. I got to enjoy the first 10min of the tour and then had to step out with the littles. The bigs went all the way through and enjoyed it.

Sunday—–Hung out at the house and tried to get a nap. That of course didn’t happen, however I did get a bath! LOL! Ace had a bad night not sure what was going on there.


2 thoughts on “Last week in review

  1. Good morning, JoAnn. You are a very busy girl! I am so proud of you. I am excited about a big trip. It is fun to get away and comfortable to get back home. Someday though, you guys need to organize a big trip down south!
    I love you.
    Daddy Hat

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