Busy, busy, busy

Last week flew by and I can’t even remember all that we did!

This week feels like it’s going to move much the same way.

The big girls went to Michigan Sunday. I won’t see them again until next week Monday. They are spending time with their great-grandparents and then they will stay with their grandparents a few days. I miss them.

I finished Josh’s hat



He’s my big little brother by the way.  

Friday the bigs had a homeschool group event to attend. I dropped them off and drove around in the middle of no where while the littles napped. I hoped to find some barns to photograph. I found one and only one that I felt was picture worthy. I love barns,


The littles woke up just as I was picking up the bigs.

We then headed over to drop Aly off at a friends house to spend the night. We left there and got about 3min. down the road when I heard what I thought was a flat tire. It wasn’t. So I got back in to pop the hood and the silly thing wouldn’t work. Fortunately there was a farmer in the field across the way and he stopped to help me get it open. It was the serpintine belt.

I had called Jorry and when he showed up he decided to vall road side assistance. That’s when our friend drove up  and said that he could fix it we just had to go back to his house. It’s a good thing we weren’t too far.

3hours later we are back on the road grateful to have only had to buy the belt. That is until I hear a noise under the van a a minute later my bettery light comes on. The belt came off.

So we load the kids in Jorry’s work vehicle and call roadside assstance to have it towed. All the while I’m praying and asking God to keep any cars from rear ending us. We were off on the side of the road but it was dark and people fly on that road.

We made it home safe and sound. The van wound up needing the belt and a water pump.

I’ve never been so grateful for my cell phone!

 Yesterday the littles and I went to our friend Pam’s house to work on Christmas gifts.

Today is my day to work at our food co-op.

Tomorrow we head up north a short way to visit more friends.

Homeschool co-op is Thursday

Friday is park day.

Sat. I’m having mom get together.

Sunday I’m pretty sure I will need to rest!



3 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Oh I love photos of barns.  If you were subbed to me for awhile… I have had barns and mostly amish type backgrounds (which have nothing but barns).. on my xanga.  OH! and I even have two .. yes two cross stitch of well not barns but simple cottages with wildflowers all over… one is done and one is being very patient with me to get started as I raise my kids!

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