Processing Things

Life seems to roll by faster than I can get my thoughts down on screen.


I am getting better each day with learning to live with the chaos that my life can sometimes be. When I say chaos please understand that it isn’t in the negative light that the word is often used. I see it more as a  life that is so full that when I have so much that I want to pour into my kids, my husband, myself, my extended and my friends that it can be chaotic. All the emotions flying to meet the person they were intended for, praying they are received with the way they were sent. Watching each of my daughters grow a little bit each day all in their own way. Careful not to interfere, to maintain my place as the water and the wheel in the formation of this wonderful person. Growing my marriage with my husband to a deeper level everyday, really seeing who he is, who we are as a couple and how two separate beings can so wholly be one. Building friendships ever so gently and cautiously with the people that God has placed in my life…stretching myself to see them for who they are and to help meet their needs as they work to meet mine.

Truly focusing on the eternal and not on the temporal. Seeing past the clutter that exists in the living room to truly live in the moment of dancing to silly music or while playing an intense game of Candyland. Time passes too quickly to worry about how clean my house is or what someone who shows up unexpectedly will think of me. I am not promised any number of days and I really don’t want someone to remember how clean my house was. If they remember me at all I want them to say she didn’t waste a moment, she lived life to the fullest and she cherished it all.

I’m not there yet but I’m on my way.


And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.-Abraham Lincoln



4 thoughts on “Processing Things

  1. Dear JoAnn, I have every intention of reminding you of this brilliant post in the days to come. This post is exactly what I would wish for you. I have danced to silly music. I have played some pretty tough Candyland. It is the life for me.
    I love you, sweetheart. I am so incredibly proud of you. I am praying for you today and always.
    Daddy Hat

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