A few weeks ago I was talking with a mom about being transparent. She was telling me about the book

 Lies Homeschooling  Moms Believe by Todd Wilson

She said that it talked about how as homeschooling moms we think that everyone’s house is clean, they sit down to dinner at the same time everyday, all the laundry is done etc. And we think we are the only ones that don’t have it all together. Most days I think having it all together is overrated. I mean where is the fun in being able to go to your dresser draw to find a pair of clean matching socks?? It’s much more fun to search for a clean matching pair among the 60+ socks that are in the sock basket! You know,the basket where all the unmatched socks go? The basket that sits, and sits and sits until someone decides that clean matching socks in their drawer isn’t as overrated as they once thought.

Then there are days where I would really like to have things all together and I try really hard for about a week. My personality is such that I am only consistent in being inconsistent. I’m not beating up on myself. I am, most days,just fine with how I am. Some days not so much.

But back to being transparent. As humans we are seldom transparent because we don’t want to be judged or thought ill of. No one ever says “Look how messy her house is.” in a good way. We like to hear that we have it all together. I know I do.

The truth is though I don’t have it altogether. And so today I will be transparent about my life.

A lot of days my couch looks like this

DSC08451 DSC08452 DSC08453

In fact the loveseat next to me is full of about 3 loads of clothes right now.

The living room can look like this:

DSC07770 DSC07771 DSC07772 DSC07769

But more often than not it looks like this:

DSC07767 DSC07766 DSC07764 DSC07763

I would like to say that I never ever raise my voice but my kids would tell you differently. I yell way too much.

I leave dishes in the sink and go to bed without any thought of them.

My tub needs to be cleaned and I likely won’t get to it today.

I don’t cook every night, sometimes my husband does and sometimes we just eat whatever we can find in the fridge.

I am almost always behind on laundry.

I don’t bake bread every week.

 I cuss when I am mad.

I would rather knit than clean the house and a lot of times that is what happens.

My teenager and I don’t always get along.

The kids fight with each other.

I have unidentifiable items in the fridge.

You cannot see my bedroom floor.

I don’t dust weekly, I sometimes don’t dust monthly.

I do vacuum everday sometimes twice. Not because I love to vacuum but because cheerio crumbs stick to my feet. Remember clean matching socks are hard to find in this house.

I sweep everyday for the same reason as above.

I have fallen asleep in my clothes that I wore for the day.

I often wear my pajamas all day.

My littles have aversions to cothes and are often not worried about matching socks.

We have a toddler bed at the foot of our bed and it is used for holding things, not for a sleeping child.

You currently can’t walk into my walk in closet without having to step over something.

And the garage contains a lot of things none of them being a car.

There you go, my transparency for the week. I don’t have it all together. There are more things I could list but I will end here.

Don’t believe the lies!!!


19 thoughts on “Transparent

  1. AMEN!! I read a book when I was pg the first time that basically said that if women continue to tell one another the lie that ‘everything is right and peachy and easy’ — whether it be about pgy or marriage or children or periods or LIFE we do one another, the whole sisterhood, a great disservice.
    Great reminder that there is great value in being real!
    Mary (indywhited) 

  2. Bless you, Bless you!!!!  Oh, how I could reach out and hug you right now!  I needed to know that i’m really and truly not alone—and to see it!  I have been beating myself up this morning,and was just laying on my bed wondering why I can’t keep my house clean and do everything else–you know, like all of the other moms do!

  3. We could be best friends.. i tell you.. and now, I love you! LOL! THANK YOU for being transparent today and for bringing comfort to my overwhelmed heart!

  4. OMG! Our lives are almost identical except my sock basket of mismatched socks is overflowing onto my floor and I don’t vaccum or sweep daily I just step over it:)

  5. THANK YOU!!! Bless your transparent heart!! Rest assured mama, you are far from alone. My two yr old dropped a book on his foot today (no socks for us either) and ya know what he said? “SHIP!” Which needs little translation.

  6. Thank Goodness, I thought I was the only one with broken crayons and construction paper scraps all over my floor!  Now if only I could find the sock basket underneath all the unfolded summer clothes…

  7. I saw you in a blogring and popped over to say hello. What a great post! I’m not a SAHM, but it’s good to see other people have the same issues I do. lol If I were to post pics of my house, they’d look a lot like yours. Only most of my laundry is in my bedroom floor, waiting to be washed so I can then put it on the couch. ha.

  8. “I do vacuum everday sometimes twice. Not because I love to vacuum but because cheerio crumbs stick to my feet. ”
    THAT’s why God invinted crocs!  Mine don’t leave my feet from the time I get out of bed in the morning ’til the time I crawl back into bed at night…except when I’m in the shower (and sometimes I shower with them to wash them lol) or when I’m napping on the couch. LOL
    I LOVE this post…maybe we should *all* do a transparent post…honestly, no one would believe what my house looks like most of the time!  (Or how I yell SO much.  Every time Anna yells ~exactly like I do~ I cringe. : P

  9. @bethro78 – I firmly believe that when you work outside the home you have 2 jobs!! And if I had taken pictures of my room you would have seen that you can’t see my bedroom floor because there was dirty laundry waiting to be washed too. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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