Mono, strep, staph

Just a super quick run down

Jorry was diagnosed with mono and strep on Christmas day–1st ER visit

Emi was diagnosed with strep Christmas day–2nd ER visit

Oh and we were out of state for those.

Get home the 29th

Jorry is getting better.

Today Emi relapses.

Ace joins the sick gang with strep and a staph infection.

Prayers,positive thoughts and natural treatment suggestions all appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Mono, strep, staph

  1. I’ll be praying for you all!!Liquid Kyolic garlic and goldenseal and echinacea are very good in combination to help fight infectitons. If it’s for a little baby, I have put liquid garlic and acidophilous powder in a bottle of juice or water and let them drink it. Garlic kills bacteria and fights infection, goldenseal is very strong (& bitter) to fight infections and echinacea is a blood purifier (toxin remover). I have also used aloe vera liquid to drink in order to take down a sore throat. It soothes, heals, kills germs and takes down pain. If you have access to it, Georges distilled aloe vera juice tastes like water and is very easy to drink and very powerful!In any case, I pray the Lord to heal each one and take away the staff and strep and mono and bless you all with a wonderful and restful new year! 🙂

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