Grab a snack….

   This is going to be a long update filled with bullet points and pictures


First up Ace

  • She was always a smiley baby. Now she is a smiley 2yo. 

DSC08683 DSC08806  

  • I used to be worried about her speech….there was no need to worry .
  • Her most used phrases are “My turn” and “Why not?” I melt everytime I here “Why not?”
  • She used to say “da” for thank you now she says “thank you”…I miss da
  • She was 2 before she said “I love you” before that she signed it.
  • Running, jumping,skipping all favorite things.
  • She will put swim goggles on and pretend to swim on the livingroom floor.
  • She loves chicken.
  • She loves ranch dressing.
  • She loves chicken dipped in ranch dressing.
  • She woke up one day two weeks ago, said she needed to potty and has been diaper free ever since.
  • DSC08868
  • Another favorite phrase “Watch dis”
  • She sleeps best on her tummy with her legs tucked under her.
  • Snow is not her favorite thing.
  • Nursing her babydolls is natural to her.
  • Scissors are a favorite tool.
  • Little Bear is her favorite show
  • She will stop and dance whenever she hears music.
  • Her smile is contagious
  • She adores her Uncle Josh

DSC09018 DSC08893 029 DSC08432 DSC08423


Next up Aly

  • She has found a new and she’s really good at it.
  • Photography is still a favorite thing.
  • So are clothes.
  • She loves to shop second hand.
  • Her siblings aggravate her but she loves them.
  • Sleeping is a favorite pasttime.
  • Favorite shows are NCIS, Monk and What Not To Wear
  • She has asked for curriculum this year.
  • She loves politics
  • She has a quick wit.
  • Beautiful smile
  • She is too hard on herself
  • Her spirit is beautiful
  • Dr. Pepper is her drink of choice.
  • Must have Ranch dressing in the house at all times.
  • Croutons make the salad.
  • She is 5’3in
  • She is a faithful friend.
  • Love’s rap
  • Would rather I not dance.
  • Doesn’t mind being with me in public as long as I don’t dance.
  • Doesn’t like to do crafts.

DSC08697 DSC08057 DSC08239 238 029 DSC09039

Next up Emi

  • She would be in heaven if I had a craft for her to do everyday
  • She is sensitive.
  • Nursing her babies is natural to her.
  • DSC08731
  • She loves to help me cook.
  • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms is her fav. breakfast.
  • She loves to cuddle.
  • Singing and dancing are her passions right  now.
  • She wants to learn to read.
  • She loves to be read to.
  • She’s a daddy’s girl.
  • Running, jumping, tumbling all favs right now.
  • She is our best eater.
  • Loves green smoothies.
  • Loves her sisters.
  • Wants to be with someone doing something almost all the time.
  • Has a caring spirit.

DSC08915 DSC08807 DSC08964

Now for SiSi

  • She has picked up jump roping and is really good at it.
  • She loves to cook.
  • Mt. Dew is her drink of choice.
  • She loves to play virtual villagers.
  • Word games are another fav.
  • Loves to play games, any kind.
  • Is instantly bored when no one is available to play.
  • She is tenderhearted.
  • Loves animals.
  • Loves to bowl.
  • Quick learner
  • Athletic
  • Loyal friend
  • Very protective of her family

  DSC07912 DSC08568 DSC08274 DSC08390 DSC08273 DSC08208


And last but not least Z.

  • 6 months already!
  • rolling from front to back and back to front
  • Don’t put me in a bouncy seat…your arms will work just fine.
  • Up on all 4 rocking back and forth.
  • Smiles abound.
  • So do the squeals
  • Brings joy to our lives everyday.
  • Teething!!
  • Enjoys playing on the floor as long as she can see mom.
  • DSC08992 DSC08996 DSC08987 DSC09026 DSC08974

Saying Goodbye to Coke

While checking some things on facebook I read a status update about High Fructose Corn Syrup containing mercury. I googled it and found a washinton pot article and the found this site that gave more info.

I clicked the link for the list of products tested and quickly scrolled down to find coke classic on the list.


I avoid HFCS in most everything. Coke however is my downfall, my addiction.

Now however, I am saying goodbye to it and praying that I haven’t done any damage to my body that can’t be undone somehow.

Why I hate big government

The following is an email from a small toystore that my family and I have done business with for about 2years now. I have had intentions of posting about this but kept forgetting. The time for voting about this issue at is over. This issue did make it into the top 10 and was presented to President Obama’s transition team.

It irritates me to no end that things like this get passed without much fanfare. It irritates me to no end that the government thinks that it needs to tell me what is safe for my children. I buy hand made because I DON’T trust the companies that import from China. You know, the ones that are already supposed to have lead safety standards in place, the ones that imported a ton of toys with high levels of lead in them in the last couple of years?

I see this as something that was thought to be a good idea but was just not. Not at least with the way that it reads. When did the voice of the people get so lost? Oh that’s right, our voice isn’t big enough to drown out the noise of MONEY,MONEY and more MONEY. It’s not about safety folks it’s about closing down the little guy so that the big guys can dominate. Ugh.

Dear Customers,

This is a very important email, please read:

On February 10, 2009, a new law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) goes into effect that threatens to put A Toy Garden, many other specialty toy stores, and thousands of handmade crafters (think of sellers on,, etc.) in the US & around the world out of business. Here’s my non-legal interpretation of the law: The law’s beginnings had honorable intentions – keeping children safe from lead and phthalates – however, the way the law was written would require such extensive testing that most small and many medium-size vendors would have to go out of business, and we would only be able to sell toys from very large manufacturers who did the testing. If I could not sell the extensive selection of handmade toys I currently offer, I would choose to go out of business as I am unwilling to only sell mass manufactured toys. There are already some European companies (like Selecta) who ha ve reviewed the law, seen how impossible it would be to follow, and have chosen to pull out of the US market.

How can this be, you might ask? The law requires each batch of any product that children under 12 might use to be tested for lead and phthalates. Everything, whether it contains plastic or anything that might contain lead, must be tested for phthalate and lead content. Even unfinished wooden toys! For example, many of you love our Herbal Play Bean Bags. Based on internet research and prices quoted to other craftspeople for similar approved independent product testing (as required by CPSIA), I estimate it would cost about $2100 to get a set of bean bags tested (8 colors of batik 100% cotton fabric, 16 different spools of thread, kidney beans, organic dried lavender, chamomile, and peppermint: 28 tests x $75 per test). Since I buy new fabric several times per year, and the fabric patterns are usually a little different each time, I’d need to retest the whole bean bag set several times per year. I would also have to “batch label” each batch of bean bags I made and provide official certification that they meet all the regulations. These testing costs would become the largest cost of making bean bags (more than any of the materials or labor) and make their cost so ridiculously high that we’d probably never sell any. OK, you may be willing to make your own bean bags, but the same holds true for handmade dolls, gnomes, fairies, felted items, dress-up garments, wooden vehicles, puzzles, baskets (there are no two alike so we’d have to test each one!), etc. All of our prices would go through the roof, because we’d have to pass all these costs along to our customers in order to stay in business.

The good news is that the CPSC is considering some exemptions for natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and wood, however none of the exemptions can be finalized until the Act becomes law on February 10th. We joined the recently formed Handmade Toy Alliance – a group of hundreds of small U.S. toy manufacturers/retailers to help lobby and spread the word through the government, media, and to the public about the potentially devestating effects of the law on conscientious small businesses. The economy has caused many of us to suffer but this law threatens to force us to break the law or simply close our businesses.

What you can do:

  1. Go to to read up on the law and many current news articles and press coverage about the law as well as signing the HTA petition. If you are a toy maker/seller, please join the HTA.
  2. Go to to vote for this issue to be one of the top 10 issues the Obama administration will look into. It will just take a couple minutes, you’ll need to register with your name and email address, then click on the email from them to confirm your registration, then go back to the website to place your vote. A couple steps but it is worth it and every vote is vital. This issue is currently #4 on the list.
  3. Follow the links and print out the forms at the Handmade Toy Alliance’s website to write, email and call your congresspeople. This is important and is having an affect. All but 1 member of Congress voted for this law but most hadn’t read and didn’t understand it when they voted for it!

Thank you for your business past & present. We hope to be here to serve you in the future.



Please visit our online store at:

& forward this email to your friends!


Here is another blog with more info:

If you go to you can search for “CPSIA herbal bean bags” It will bring up the bean bags that Sonya makes at the new price she would have to charge after Feb.10.

NUTS!! Completly and totally NUTS!!

Mixed Emotions

It is 1:28am and I am wide awake. It might have something to do with the coke that is sitting on the desk. The one that I shouldn’t be drinking if I ever want to shed these extra pounds.

But that is not why I came to blog.

Tonight, or today I am feeling weepy, happy,antsy,creative, thankful, sexy, deeply in love and thoroughly alive!

I find myself searching art project books for just the right project for Emi, our budding artist.

I find myself cuddling the littles and sniffing the tops of their heads and never wanting to forget that smell.

I look at Z and I am amazed at the wonderful gift that she is, the healing she has brought to my wounded heart. She truly lives up to the meaning of her name “Life brings Joy”

I embrace my husband and realize that I am more deeply in love with him than I was 13 years ago.

I visit here, here, and here and feel so inspired.

I find myself thanking God so often these days for the blessing that I have. I ask for many many years to experience them all.

I breath and I am aware of my breath, the life that is in me.

I smile at strangers hoping that I can pass on the joy, the fervor that I feel for living strong.

Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud!


Picture in your mind a sense of personal destiny.
Wayne Oates


On the Mend!!

It seems that everyone is on the mend. Zoe and I missed any illness and I am so grateful for that.

The spot on Ace’s leg that they thought was staph actually turned out to be strep. Weird I know but I would rather that than staph. The spot has healed and both Emi and Ace are almost finished with their antibiotics. They have both done well taking them. It’s the first they have ever had.

Jorry is getting better everyday but he is still very tired. If anyone has any suggestions for anything that will help with the fatigue let me know. He is taking a B complex and Vit. C everyday.

Thank you to all of the new visitors to my blog and for expressing your concern for us. I hope to stop by each of your places for a visit.

I am also thankful to all of my regular visitors for their thoughts and prayers.

A few pictures to leave you with. The girls are growing and I have an update blog rolling around in my head. Hopefull I’ll get to post it in the next few days.

Be blessed for you are all a blessing to me!

Little Z. 5months


Future babywearer Ace 2yr


Another future babywearer Emi 4yr


Curly girl Aly 13yr


Trimming the tree SiSi 10yr