On the Mend!!

It seems that everyone is on the mend. Zoe and I missed any illness and I am so grateful for that.

The spot on Ace’s leg that they thought was staph actually turned out to be strep. Weird I know but I would rather that than staph. The spot has healed and both Emi and Ace are almost finished with their antibiotics. They have both done well taking them. It’s the first they have ever had.

Jorry is getting better everyday but he is still very tired. If anyone has any suggestions for anything that will help with the fatigue let me know. He is taking a B complex and Vit. C everyday.

Thank you to all of the new visitors to my blog and for expressing your concern for us. I hope to stop by each of your places for a visit.

I am also thankful to all of my regular visitors for their thoughts and prayers.

A few pictures to leave you with. The girls are growing and I have an update blog rolling around in my head. Hopefull I’ll get to post it in the next few days.

Be blessed for you are all a blessing to me!

Little Z. 5months


Future babywearer Ace 2yr


Another future babywearer Emi 4yr


Curly girl Aly 13yr


Trimming the tree SiSi 10yr


10 thoughts on “On the Mend!!

  1. Such beautiful children! You are blessed indeed! Glad to hear it was a treatable strep infection on her leg! So thankful it healed completely and quickly. Antibiotics can be such a blessing!

  2. What beautiful girls! My friend’s kids had something she thought was strep on there bodies but it turned out to be something that begins M. Did the antibiotics help it? Her kids were on Antis and it didn’t help that is when she found out it was something different.

  3. I agree with everyone else…GORGEOUS girls! (They’ve got good genes tho!) I would like to place an order for a little girl size 9 baby doll sling!!! Those are soooooo cute, JoAnn!!! Seriously, would you be willing to make me one? I would pay you, of course! I won’t be offended if you don’t have time…let me know! Glad you are all on the mend!

  4. @dcart – the antibiotics have helped, it is just a pick area now..no scab anymore. The nurse practitioner was afraid that it was MRSA at first and she pronounced it “mer-suh” like it was a word. Could that have been what your friend was dealing with? It’s the antibiotic resistent strain of staph. Not fun. Thanks for the compliments on the girls.

  5. @Red_Steph – Thanks Steph…I was so excited that she smiled. Our camera has this bright orange dot that lights up when you press the button to take the pic and so she usually catches site of that and the smile is gone or the flash scare her and she has a blank expression.

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