Saying Goodbye to Coke

While checking some things on facebook I read a status update about High Fructose Corn Syrup containing mercury. I googled it and found a washinton pot article and the found this site that gave more info.

I clicked the link for the list of products tested and quickly scrolled down to find coke classic on the list.


I avoid HFCS in most everything. Coke however is my downfall, my addiction.

Now however, I am saying goodbye to it and praying that I haven’t done any damage to my body that can’t be undone somehow.


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Coke

  1. i have a mild soda addiction. cherry coke and dr, pepper. all other junk i am fine without. in fact i take pride in my good diet! but soda is a hang up for me. sometimes i go without… sometime i don’t. but i have found some really good natural brands to fill those gaps. still junky sugar but not outright poison anyhow. they use cane sugar.i really like hanks if you have that.

  2. Good for you!!! It’s so bad for you on so many different levels. I read the article about HFCS yesterday and am so disgusted. My kids are going to be in for some major changes around here. No more HFCS for us! (except Mike who is a serious Coca-cola addict)

  3. It’s so scary to find out things like this! And I just don’t know how to make my children understand that it can hurt you forever. We avoid soda for the most part, but they get it on special occassions. Better that we know now, rght?

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