Grab a snack….

   This is going to be a long update filled with bullet points and pictures


First up Ace

  • She was always a smiley baby. Now she is a smiley 2yo. 

DSC08683 DSC08806  

  • I used to be worried about her speech….there was no need to worry .
  • Her most used phrases are “My turn” and “Why not?” I melt everytime I here “Why not?”
  • She used to say “da” for thank you now she says “thank you”…I miss da
  • She was 2 before she said “I love you” before that she signed it.
  • Running, jumping,skipping all favorite things.
  • She will put swim goggles on and pretend to swim on the livingroom floor.
  • She loves chicken.
  • She loves ranch dressing.
  • She loves chicken dipped in ranch dressing.
  • She woke up one day two weeks ago, said she needed to potty and has been diaper free ever since.
  • DSC08868
  • Another favorite phrase “Watch dis”
  • She sleeps best on her tummy with her legs tucked under her.
  • Snow is not her favorite thing.
  • Nursing her babydolls is natural to her.
  • Scissors are a favorite tool.
  • Little Bear is her favorite show
  • She will stop and dance whenever she hears music.
  • Her smile is contagious
  • She adores her Uncle Josh

DSC09018 DSC08893 029 DSC08432 DSC08423


Next up Aly

  • She has found a new and she’s really good at it.
  • Photography is still a favorite thing.
  • So are clothes.
  • She loves to shop second hand.
  • Her siblings aggravate her but she loves them.
  • Sleeping is a favorite pasttime.
  • Favorite shows are NCIS, Monk and What Not To Wear
  • She has asked for curriculum this year.
  • She loves politics
  • She has a quick wit.
  • Beautiful smile
  • She is too hard on herself
  • Her spirit is beautiful
  • Dr. Pepper is her drink of choice.
  • Must have Ranch dressing in the house at all times.
  • Croutons make the salad.
  • She is 5’3in
  • She is a faithful friend.
  • Love’s rap
  • Would rather I not dance.
  • Doesn’t mind being with me in public as long as I don’t dance.
  • Doesn’t like to do crafts.

DSC08697 DSC08057 DSC08239 238 029 DSC09039

Next up Emi

  • She would be in heaven if I had a craft for her to do everyday
  • She is sensitive.
  • Nursing her babies is natural to her.
  • DSC08731
  • She loves to help me cook.
  • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms is her fav. breakfast.
  • She loves to cuddle.
  • Singing and dancing are her passions right  now.
  • She wants to learn to read.
  • She loves to be read to.
  • She’s a daddy’s girl.
  • Running, jumping, tumbling all favs right now.
  • She is our best eater.
  • Loves green smoothies.
  • Loves her sisters.
  • Wants to be with someone doing something almost all the time.
  • Has a caring spirit.

DSC08915 DSC08807 DSC08964

Now for SiSi

  • She has picked up jump roping and is really good at it.
  • She loves to cook.
  • Mt. Dew is her drink of choice.
  • She loves to play virtual villagers.
  • Word games are another fav.
  • Loves to play games, any kind.
  • Is instantly bored when no one is available to play.
  • She is tenderhearted.
  • Loves animals.
  • Loves to bowl.
  • Quick learner
  • Athletic
  • Loyal friend
  • Very protective of her family

  DSC07912 DSC08568 DSC08274 DSC08390 DSC08273 DSC08208


And last but not least Z.

  • 6 months already!
  • rolling from front to back and back to front
  • Don’t put me in a bouncy seat…your arms will work just fine.
  • Up on all 4 rocking back and forth.
  • Smiles abound.
  • So do the squeals
  • Brings joy to our lives everyday.
  • Teething!!
  • Enjoys playing on the floor as long as she can see mom.
  • DSC08992 DSC08996 DSC08987 DSC09026 DSC08974


10 thoughts on “Grab a snack….

  1. I looooove the pic of your daughter nursing her baby doll. And I’m afraid to try a back carry with my baby ( a couple weeks older than Z if I recall correctly)… What style of wrap is that? I have a UBW, so it has a ton of stretch.Thanks for this happy post. 🙂

  2. @Abibigail – The wrap is a boo bear buns. I won it! It is stretchy but since it is my first wrap I don’t know how stretchy compared to others. This also has a panel of cotton on the front of it so the part that goes over her back isn’t as strechy as the rest of the wrap.

  3. I love your post…definitely the post of a proud mama! =] As well you should be, they are beautiful!! I remember when Sierra was little she didn’t want us to sit while we held her…you had to stand up… I also remember with Alyssa that she was so inquisitive…we would watch Mulan (like 1,000 times a week) and she would say “What’s he doing?” “Why is he doing that?” “What’s going to happen now?” Haha…they were fun!!! Hey, do you have the Paula Deen cookbook that just came out for kids? If not, I will have to mail it to you. Think they would love it since they all have an interest. It has black ink for what the parents do and the part the kids are allowed/capable of doing is printed in red….interested? Steph

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