Busy and Sick

The title best describes life at our house right now.

We have all been sick and it was a nasty one. Sneezing, coughing, lots of kleenex and mucho vitamin C.

We are on the mend though, some have lingering coughs but are otherwise fine.

Let’s see what else has happened??

Oh, Aly went on her first far away trip without her parents. She got to go to Florida for a week with her friend Hannah. They had a great time. At first we said no to her going. I think the thought of her going so far away was just hard for us. We trusted the family she would be going with, no worries there. It was just soooo far away.

We finally said yes and we immediately won the “Most Awesome Parents of the Year Award”

While Aly was in Florida SiSi got to go ice skating with friends.

Tuesday was our day to work at out food co-op. We LOVE our food co-op.

We went to Thursday homeschool co-op as usual.

Which reminds me that I need to do another blog on unschooling math. It was a question that came up a couple of weeks ago.

I started a pair of wool longies for Z.

I found out that a wonderful friend is expecting .

I was super excited to find out and did not have even a twinge of baby fever.

Z has cut her first tooth. I would take a picture but it’s hard enough to get her to move her tongue so you can see it without trying to capture it on camera.

I’m sewing up some cloth napkins. Pictures to come as soon as they are done.

Oh and I actually cooked three meals today! That will likely not happen again this year.




4 thoughts on “Busy and Sick

  1. Maybe one of these days your household will be healthy at the same time ours is!  We’ve had more sickness around this year than the last 2 or 3 years combined!  We blame Caitlin!    She’s working at the daycare w/ all the cruddy, germy kids.  I’m so over this now… & even more ready for summer!

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