Busy Hands

For the most part my hands are always busy and it usually has to do with children. However I am really good at finding time to busy my hand with other things that I enjoy.


A soaker for my friend L’s brand new baby girl E.


My first embroidery attempt


My first pair of wool longies for Z. I will have pics of them finished another time. They aren’t downloaded on the computer and I am not going in the bedroom to risk waking the littles to get the USB cord.

DSC09910.JPG DSC09905.JPG DSC09909.JPG

I started those longies 5 different times. Thought I would never get them done! Thanks Pam for helping with the legs!

Fingerless gloves for SiSi. She waited so very patiently for these and now wears them all the time.

DSC09861.JPG DSC09863.JPG

One of the fingerless gloves for Aly. She might wear them more if she could keep up with them. 😉


Cloth napkins from my fabric stash. My mom sent me a big box of fabric she managed to get at an estate sale for free. This fabric was in there and while reading the Sew Mama Sew blog during their fat quarter idea month I found a tutorial for cloth napkins. Now I know napkins are not hard but I like having a pattern to follow for most of the things I do. And here is the result.

DSC09867.JPG DSC09868.JPG


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