FO= finished objects


Pictures of Z’s wool longies. She looks super cute in them.

DSC09954.JPG DSC09957.JPG DSC09958.JPG


I found a pattern for this kidlet bag and was so excited to start making some.

Our space is small, a little over 1,000sq ft. plus a garage. I don’t count the garage as in the square footage because it isn’t livable space. It’s great for storage though. 

Since our space is small I have to be creative about storage. I am always looking for ways to store things off the ground and on the walls. The kidlet bag is prefect for that. This first one will hold my most used recipe books on the wall in the kitchen. This will free up counter space which is at a minimum.

The next ones I make will be for the toys in the living room that doubles as the play room. I am always decluttering so we don’t have a lot of things but what we do have between three little girls uses four baskets that sit on the floor. I have silks that can go in one, musical instruments in another etc and then they will hang on inexpensive hooks at easy to reach heights around the livingroom. The fabric will come from my stash and the only expense in making these is the interfacing and the cotton webbing.


DSC00017.JPG DSC00016.JPG DSC00014.JPG