Feeling better in some ways.

Trying not to be frustrated in other ways.

The bank refunded all but one charge.

This means I can still take Aly on our trip this weekend. It’s just a back roads photography trip with one overnight stay. But it’s huge to her. We get to travel slowly,stop frequently and take pictures together. Z will be there too of course. We will have packed lunches and snacks and hopefully take lots of great pictures and laugh lots of great laughs. I am grateful we get to go. We have to say no so often.  I was devestated for her when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

A new journey has begun.

I asked myself two days ago. “What if everything I think I know about God is wrong? What if what I have been taught totally missed the essence of God? What would it hurt to empty out what I think I know and begin to search again?”

So yesterday I checked out the book “Conversations With God”

12pages in and I knew the questions the day before were the right ones to ask.

The new journey has begun.



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  1. This sounds like a book I would love to read. I miss being able to just get-up-and-go…. I especially miss going to the library! It’s been almost a month now without a car. I hope that I’ll have one before the summer activities start. I’d hate for Dayle to miss out on anything just because we have no wheels.

  2. i’m so glad you all get to go! that sounds like a lot of fun! those kinda of trips mean so much when you’re young.tell us all about this book/journey!

  3. I love that book. I think you will be surpise at the questions you will find answers to while reading it. You and I are both in the tender stages of loss and I think this will help you to answer some of the whys. Hugs

  4. Enjoy your trip; it sounds like fun.That is a similar question I asked myself a few years back. I actually scrapped everything and started over. The God I used to believe in the one I now know are totally different. It can be very frightening and freeing all at the same time. Blessings.

  5. @Lesa – I so understand being without a vehicle and not be close enough to anything to walk. We had one vehicle when I had just Aly and SiSi. It was such a treat when we had a friend that could come take us to the park or to the library. (((hugs))) Thanks for all your support this week.

  6. @Shaneaws – (((hugs))) You were on my mind this week. I would love to know what you thought of the book, what stood out for you. I am still in the beginning.I have to take notes when I read something like this book so it takes me some time to get through it.

  7. PLEASE be careful with these books. I only step in and say this b/c I care about you and don’t want to see you spiritually misled in any way. There are alot of great questions in this book, and I hope through reading them and wrestling with them, that you may find the answers you’re seeking. As a follower of Jesus, however, there are also many red flags that you should be aware of. So please remember to check everything in light of scripture, and seek the counsel of trusted Godly friends when in doubt. If you want to discuss it even more, I’ll be glad to, just couldn’t read this post without sharing my sincere reservations about this book. (((HUGS)))) Hope you don’t mind.


  8. I agree with peacefulveganmom, don’t change by one book unless it is the Bible.  The book is written on one person’s opinion of life.  While he/she may be giving good questions to you at the moment and your are taking it to your circumstances.  Sometimes we make it fit our needs.  But always put that question to scripture and pray before doing so asking  God to reveal the true meaning.  I’ve found that praying before reading the Bible always makes me feel better. 
    I know life is difficult, believe me.  I am going through some trials I don’t wish on anyone.  I’m only living because of a machine, something I never wanted to happen.  No, it’s not a respirator, I had always prayed God don’t make that happen, but there are other machine that you have to use to keep you alive.  IE:  a Dialysis machine.  Without going on it three times a week I could die within  a few weeks and not a easy death. 
    I’ve prayed for you ever since I read your post the other day and realized just how depressed you are.  Dear, never give up—you have beautiful children depending on you.  I raised mine during times when we would be so short of money that we (their dad and I) did without so they would have enough to eat.  God provided for us though.
    So keep believing and reading but include the scripture in all you read.  Hugs Nanny

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