Happy Birthday Daddy.

I miss you.

Jorry and the girls miss you.

Emily asked yesterday how long you had been gone.

Too long I wanted to say.

It will be 2years before I know it.

2 birthdays now that I can’t call.

I miss your smile.

I miss Easter the way it used to be.

It’s hard to come home, you aren’t there and it will never feel the same, never feel whole.

I miss your touch.

Do you remember the game you would play with me when I was little? The one where I would tell you that my hand was bigger than yours and then you would place your hand on mine and say “No, mine is bigger than yours.” and I would slide my hand higher and say mine was bigger until I couldn’t reach any further.

Your hand was always bigger. That’s the way it was supposed to be. Always there to protect me.

What I miss the most is your voice. I can’t hear it. And it breaks my heart. I can’t hear it like I would if you were in the room. I try but it doesn’t come. I just want to hear you say you love me. I know you do but oh to hear your voice.

If Heaven is any kind of good and I suspect that it is then there should be Whoppers there. Have some today. Fresh ones

Always your daughter, always!



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  1. Your daddy might not even like fresh Whoppers. When would he have had a chance to find out? =)
    I love you, JoAnn. I am so proud of you for carrying on. My heart is broken for you but I can tell you this. I know that if heaven is all I have read of it then your Daddy is not thinking of candy. His mind is filled with good and perfect thoughts of you. That is a blessing for you both.
    You are wrapped up in my thoughts and prayers.
    Daddy Hat

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