He Said/She Said

Yesterday Jorry spoke with his other boss, the wife part of the pair.

She doesn’t like to do the dirty work so she asks her husband to.

Jorry shared with her what R had said.

She then proceeds to tell Jorry that he wouldn’t be losing his job in 2weeks and that even if he didn’t make any sales that he was still an asset to the company.

Ok, so why did your husband tell him that he wouldn’t have a job in two weeks if he didn’t make a sale?

I don’t like confrontation either but in order to not cause great stress on your employees and their family could you please just suck it up and join the meeting next time??

So, now Jorry has been told that if he were going to loose his job that they would give him much more notice than 2weeks.

I’m not sure what “much more notice” equals. Afterall the husband of this couple believes that two people working fulltime at McDonalds can support a family of 4.

So his idea of “much more time” is likely different than mine since his reality is really screwed up.

I’m still preparing for a move.

Jorry is confident that he will make a sale.

I have total faith in him. I just don’t have much faith in anything else.



3 thoughts on “He Said/She Said

  1. You will get through this, JoAnn. I learned in my life that they can fire you, but they cannot hurt you. They can’t take your kids from you. They can’t make your marriage fall apart. They can’t really do anything to you except let you go. That is not just a whole lot of power they are weilding. But I have been there getting the news before and it is amazingly distressing.
    You know I am praying for that sale.
    And most of all for you.
    Love from Texas.
    Daddy Hat

  2. This dude is seriously whacked if he thinks you can support a family of four working full-time at McDeaths! And besides… those kind-of companies keep most employees at just under full-time so they don’t have to give them benefits. Get a clue, dude!Now, back to you. I love you and I’m praying for you.

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