This week in the bright light of the day myself


and my trusty,exceptionally cute sidekick


Waged war on these invaders


Do you him there? That green caterpillar? Do you see the leaf he decimated OVERNIGHT??

He is the caterpillar of the small cabbage white butterfly and he is terribly confused. Why do you ask? Because he is on a CAULIFLOWER plant and his brothers aren’t too bright either because I found some of them on my BROCCOLI.

I’m sure my fellow homeschooling/unschooling moms are thinking that I took those caterpillars and turned them into a really cool learning experience.

I’m sorry to announce that I did not.

Upon discovering them I did not have my “hey what a cool learning opportunity” hat on.

I had my “who the hell do these caterpillars think they are eating my plants that are supposed to be food for MY family?” hat on.

So this round of caterpillars are gone.

Should their cousins decide to show up I will pause(maybe) to put my “cool learning opportunity” hat on.

After rescuing my plants from the invaders I inspected the rest of my garden and found these little volunteer zinnias


And these guys that look like a vining plant but I have no clue what.


And how the garden grows!







And my random joy







Sorry there are none of the teenager…she is elusive these days.








It has been hot here!! I’m grateful that we have AC but we are going to hate our electric bill. Yesterday our house got up to 85degrees and stayed there. When I woke up this morning it was at 77. We aren’t running anything that generates extra heat. So, no oven, no dryer(woo hoo a break from laundry),not even the crock pot because that would cause a rise in temperature.

I have some pictures to catch up on and will do that later today.

We are heading to Jorry’s parents for the 4th. It will be great to see everyone and to jump in the lake!

Jorry has had some side jobs. He will be heading further upstate in Michigan the week we are there to take a test for a job that he has applied for. Prayers that he does well and makes it to the next step are appreciated.

We have rent for next month,plenty of food and the utilities are paid. The other bills will get paid when they get paid.

Back later with ssome pictures!


Happy Birthday Aly!

 14 years ago today I was in labor and it would be 13more hours before we would meet our first baby girl.

1stborn - Copy.jpg

1day old - Copy.jpg

We were so young and so clueless! I couldn’t believe they let us bring her home. I remember once we were settled in I thought to myself “What are we supposed to do with her?!”


Now she is way to close to being all grown up than either of us is comfortable with and we wish sometimes that we could slow time or dig a basement to lock her in.




 Fl trip!! 212.JPG  


We love you Aly.

We love that you are true to who you are.

Always believe in yourself

Follow your dreams

Hold fast to God



I’m still here and I wish with all my heart that I could say that I have been away making wonderful cool things but alas I have not.

Ok that isn’t totally true, I did finish making skirts for the dynamic disaster duo from this tutorial that I found on Soule Mama’s Blog

Matching while creating havoc is all the rage these days, dontcha know!







DSC01014.JPG DSC01015.JPG

My garden is growing thanks to rain,tender loving care and sea bird guano! Who would have ever guessed that this former cheerleader turned hippy would get excited about disolving sea bird guano! My how things change! LOL

Oh and guess what I found on one of my favorite blogs?

Sooo cool! I printed out the Fall Garden Planner and can’t wait to check the calendar for our first frost date.

Now, please don’t think that I’m wanting the summer to pass by quickly…oh no! I am loving the long evenings where we sit outside and watch the littles ride their bikes on the side walk until they can no longer pedal. I love nursing Zoe under the shade of the tree and having to get up 100 times to bring her back to the safety of the grass instead of the harshness of the concrete drive way.

We do not have a formal job, as in someone else employing my husband. We have however, had some side jobs and for those we have been very grateful. We are doing fine and I know things will be ok. There are resumes out and applications in and we are praying.

Now I will have to end here because the littles are begging to go splash in the pool.

Much Love!!