Happy Birthday Aly!

 14 years ago today I was in labor and it would be 13more hours before we would meet our first baby girl.

1stborn - Copy.jpg

1day old - Copy.jpg

We were so young and so clueless! I couldn’t believe they let us bring her home. I remember once we were settled in I thought to myself “What are we supposed to do with her?!”


Now she is way to close to being all grown up than either of us is comfortable with and we wish sometimes that we could slow time or dig a basement to lock her in.




 Fl trip!! 212.JPG  


We love you Aly.

We love that you are true to who you are.

Always believe in yourself

Follow your dreams

Hold fast to God


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aly!

  1. Happy birthday, Aly!  I had no idea, in all the conversations we’ve had, that she & Kiernan were born on the same day!  He turns 15 today!  Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

  2. No basement could hold her. She is too much like her Mommy for that. Determined girls in this group. Beautiful girls, too. Inside and out. Happy Birthday, Aly! Your gift from me is that you don’t have to hear me sing to you. You have no idea how grateful to be. =)Daddy Hat

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