It has been hot here!! I’m grateful that we have AC but we are going to hate our electric bill. Yesterday our house got up to 85degrees and stayed there. When I woke up this morning it was at 77. We aren’t running anything that generates extra heat. So, no oven, no dryer(woo hoo a break from laundry),not even the crock pot because that would cause a rise in temperature.

I have some pictures to catch up on and will do that later today.

We are heading to Jorry’s parents for the 4th. It will be great to see everyone and to jump in the lake!

Jorry has had some side jobs. He will be heading further upstate in Michigan the week we are there to take a test for a job that he has applied for. Prayers that he does well and makes it to the next step are appreciated.

We have rent for next month,plenty of food and the utilities are paid. The other bills will get paid when they get paid.

Back later with ssome pictures!


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