Running Behind

A few months ago I began participating in a weekly photography project over at Erin’s blog called “It begins with a color”.

A couple of challenges ago we were challenged to embrace the blur. It seemed fitting as life right now seems like a blur. We aren’t too sure of where we are going, we know where we want to go but our vision is limited by our humaness. The children all seem to be growing up so fast that and I wonder how I will ever remember them as babies when I am old and gray if I can’t remember them now when I am young and  hardly gray at all?

While altering these pictures I realized that embracing the blur is just what I need to do. Life is life and it is meant to be lived and not avoided. It has high points and low points. Moments of clarity and moments that are so blurry it is scary.

 Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed~~ Corita Kent

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You Do What You Can

And that’s really all you can do.

Our van broke down today for the third time in a month.

The littles and I were headed to the park for a nature walk and some play time.

Fortunately, there was a gas station for me to pull into when it became apparent that the knocking noise I was hearing was not coming from the roadside construction.

We had it towed and we will find out Monday what we are dealing with.

I want to say thank you to the sweet couple that came over to see if they could help us out. Troy your understanding of engines was helpful even if it was bad news and I didn’t get your girlfriend’s name but thank you to her for chatting with the littles while I made phone calls etc.

Another thank you to the lady who works at the gas station(again I forgot to get a name)that came out to help me across the parking lot with my three kiddos, their 3carseats, and our bags. The girls enjoyed the sprite you brought them.

And a HUMONGEOUS thank you to my friend Carol who came to get us even though she is dealing with back pain. Please say a prayer for her if you are reading this. She is an awesome sweet spirit and a generous woman.

So we are focusing on what we can do.

I can begin our nature study with the littles.

Jorry is mowing.

He finished a revision on a drawing.

We can eat supper because we have food.

I can knit.

I can do laundry, clean my room and maybe even clean the bathroom.

You get the idea, there are lots of things we can do because what we can’t do is fix the van or undo what has happened to it. We certaintly can’t go get a new one so something else we can do is pray that this all falls into place the way it needs to.

And now I can go put Z down because she just nursed to sleep and that has to be the sweetest thing to experience on what began as a not so good day.


The Daily Groove

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:: Unconditional Presence: The Oak Tree ::

Imagine a great Oak Tree. It knows where it stands,
and it holds powerfully to its position. But it
doesn’t defend its position — it’s simply *there*.

You can drive a car into the massive trunk of the
Oak Tree, and the car will be smashed while the tree
remains standing. It’s not standing *against* you, and
it doesn’t take your destructive behavior personally.
It just remains rooted… focused… present.

Now imagine that *you* are the Oak Tree… How does it
feel to be so powerfully positioned? Isn’t it nice to
know that no one can uproot you? Would you even bother
to resist? Or would you simply relax and enjoy being
right where you want to be?

Next time you feel “uprooted” by your child’s
behavior, emotions, or any other conditions, remember
the unconditional presence of the Oak Tree. Stand
rooted in the ground of infinite Well-Being.

There is nothing to resist… All is well.

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A Big and Little Update:


Going in order from oldest to youngest just for Robyn.



·        Going through that hibernating stage.

·        Loves to shop and find good deals.

·        Will now mow for money.

·        Loves picnic for editing her photos

·        Growing up way too fast

·        Beautiful

·        Kind, compassionate and caring even though she pretends not to be.

·        Watched the movie Across the Universe and developed a liking for the music.



·        Loves to read outloud but gets frustrated with herself when she misses a word.

·        A big help with Zoe

·        Slowly losing the little girl features of her face.—I noticed that last night

·        Loves to cook but won’t eat anything she makes.

·        Loves the movie Julie and Julia

·        Loves country music

·        Sensitive


·        Sensitive

·        Learning how to express her big emotions

·        Likes to read to me

·        Is learning to identify her letters

·        Loves to dance and play dress up

·        Still the leader of the Dynamic disaster duo

·        Likes to borrow the camera and take silly pictures and videos of herself

·        A true cuddle bug


·        Our loud child

·        Loves her sisters and tells them often

·        Loves to play in the sand

·        Uses silks to turn herself into a princess everyday

·        Loves to eat

·        Still nursing

·        Wants to do everything herself

·        Loves to give hugs and kisses


·        WALKING….has been for a month now

·        1yo!!!!!!! That flew by faster than whatever is really fast.

·        Waves hi and bye

·        Claps

·        Says hi

·        Puts everything in her mouth..I will be glad when that phase is over!

·        Follows her big sisters where ever they go.

·        Has no fear

·        Loves to give kisses

·        Runs to greet whoever is coming in the front door

·        Has 6 teeth and is working on a couple of molars

·        Tries solid food here and there

·        Still nursing