A Big and Little Update:


Going in order from oldest to youngest just for Robyn.



·        Going through that hibernating stage.

·        Loves to shop and find good deals.

·        Will now mow for money.

·        Loves picnic for editing her photos

·        Growing up way too fast

·        Beautiful

·        Kind, compassionate and caring even though she pretends not to be.

·        Watched the movie Across the Universe and developed a liking for the music.



·        Loves to read outloud but gets frustrated with herself when she misses a word.

·        A big help with Zoe

·        Slowly losing the little girl features of her face.—I noticed that last night

·        Loves to cook but won’t eat anything she makes.

·        Loves the movie Julie and Julia

·        Loves country music

·        Sensitive


·        Sensitive

·        Learning how to express her big emotions

·        Likes to read to me

·        Is learning to identify her letters

·        Loves to dance and play dress up

·        Still the leader of the Dynamic disaster duo

·        Likes to borrow the camera and take silly pictures and videos of herself

·        A true cuddle bug


·        Our loud child

·        Loves her sisters and tells them often

·        Loves to play in the sand

·        Uses silks to turn herself into a princess everyday

·        Loves to eat

·        Still nursing

·        Wants to do everything herself

·        Loves to give hugs and kisses


·        WALKING….has been for a month now

·        1yo!!!!!!! That flew by faster than whatever is really fast.

·        Waves hi and bye

·        Claps

·        Says hi

·        Puts everything in her mouth..I will be glad when that phase is over!

·        Follows her big sisters where ever they go.

·        Has no fear

·        Loves to give kisses

·        Runs to greet whoever is coming in the front door

·        Has 6 teeth and is working on a couple of molars

·        Tries solid food here and there

·        Still nursing


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  1. I love these posts…such a quick and easy thing to do and yet so chock (sp?) full of things we may forget over time… They are each so very different…it’s ONE of the things that makes me want just wuuuuuunnnnn more!!! 😀

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site! Don’t you just love Mr. Hat? And by the way: nurse that baby as long as you want. I was one of those moms who nursed forever. My dad said one time when I was still nursing my son (my last and final child), “don’t you think it’s about time you turned off the spikets?” (he was 22 months old) But probably the last few months it was just early morning, bedtime and the occasional nap time. Don’t let anyone embarrass you into stopping before you are ready. That’s my advice for the day. From an old mom to a young mom.

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