You Do What You Can

And that’s really all you can do.

Our van broke down today for the third time in a month.

The littles and I were headed to the park for a nature walk and some play time.

Fortunately, there was a gas station for me to pull into when it became apparent that the knocking noise I was hearing was not coming from the roadside construction.

We had it towed and we will find out Monday what we are dealing with.

I want to say thank you to the sweet couple that came over to see if they could help us out. Troy your understanding of engines was helpful even if it was bad news and I didn’t get your girlfriend’s name but thank you to her for chatting with the littles while I made phone calls etc.

Another thank you to the lady who works at the gas station(again I forgot to get a name)that came out to help me across the parking lot with my three kiddos, their 3carseats, and our bags. The girls enjoyed the sprite you brought them.

And a HUMONGEOUS thank you to my friend Carol who came to get us even though she is dealing with back pain. Please say a prayer for her if you are reading this. She is an awesome sweet spirit and a generous woman.

So we are focusing on what we can do.

I can begin our nature study with the littles.

Jorry is mowing.

He finished a revision on a drawing.

We can eat supper because we have food.

I can knit.

I can do laundry, clean my room and maybe even clean the bathroom.

You get the idea, there are lots of things we can do because what we can’t do is fix the van or undo what has happened to it. We certaintly can’t go get a new one so something else we can do is pray that this all falls into place the way it needs to.

And now I can go put Z down because she just nursed to sleep and that has to be the sweetest thing to experience on what began as a not so good day.



6 thoughts on “You Do What You Can

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear of more van troubles! We’re having a yucky day too, including not fun car stuff. You’re wise to focus on what you CAN do, and I’m hoping that I can talk myself into the same attitude adjustment. Praying for all.

  2. this is a great post. I mean I’m sorry about all the trials. but you are in the right place. you are just where you need to be. blessing don’t always come in the form of a new van, sometimes in a new attitude instead. (but sometimes both! haha)

  3. Been praying for you all afternoon. I love your faith and I’m here for you whatever you need….I don’t understand why these things happen but I’m sure you touched lives today.

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