Running Behind

A few months ago I began participating in a weekly photography project over at Erin’s blog called “It begins with a color”.

A couple of challenges ago we were challenged to embrace the blur. It seemed fitting as life right now seems like a blur. We aren’t too sure of where we are going, we know where we want to go but our vision is limited by our humaness. The children all seem to be growing up so fast that and I wonder how I will ever remember them as babies when I am old and gray if I can’t remember them now when I am young and  hardly gray at all?

While altering these pictures I realized that embracing the blur is just what I need to do. Life is life and it is meant to be lived and not avoided. It has high points and low points. Moments of clarity and moments that are so blurry it is scary.

 Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed~~ Corita Kent

DSC01651.jpg DSC01653.jpg  

5 thoughts on “Running Behind

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! BEAUTIFUL! And exactly what I’ve been feeling lately about how am I going to remember anything? I am trying to blog and take lots of pics…but it just makes ma so sad when I can’t really remember the other three at AC’s age…and it really wasn’t that long ago! 😦 I am praying for you guys like crazy these days. Wish we could sit on my front porch and nurse our babies together and talk (and drink coffee of course ;).

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