I have been sick since Friday. I started to feel some tightness in my chest and my throat that afternoon and just felt off.

Saturday I woke up with the same feeling and I felt tired and had developed a cough. I decided to tackle some laundry that needed to be put away and while I was doing that I started to ache. I took my temp and sure enough I had a low grade fever.

I made some soup and rested most of the day. The achiness got bad enough into the evening that I decided to take some ibuprofen. I usually avoid it if I can handle the pain. Once it kicked in I felt better but still so tired.

All day Sat. Z had a runny nose. Sat. night she did not sleep well at all, which means neither did I.

Sunday morning I didn’t feel any worse and thought I was even feeling a bit better. Jorry even said I looked better. Then about an hour or so after that I started to feel worse. Fever was back. Jorry went out for some things so I could make a tea and have some other homeopathic remedies on hand. The trip would usually only take about an hour. It wound up taking almost 4 because of traffic being rerouted in the city!

Sunday evening I just couldn’t handle the mess that surrounded me any longer. I had had some help but it was getting overwhelming again.

So I cleaned the kitchen, made some more tea, and then we headed to bed.

Woke at 1:20am to a fight between the bigs. Diffused that and went back to bed. Sleep eluded me. I noticed that Z wasn’t as stuffy but could tell it had fallen into her chest.

I ran fever all night long. I think I got back to sleep around 3am.

Woke up with Emi and discovered that she had a temp, a cough and an upset stomach.

Ashlyn woke up and she is fine so far.

Then Z woke up and sounded like a seal.

I created a sweat lodge in the bathroom to help open up her airway some and she played with the bathtub letters.

She still has a cough but it isn’t horrible. She is definitely breathing more freely than she was first thing this morning.

I now have head congestion to add to my list of symptoms.That started last night.

We are drinking giner and rosehip tea, taking echinacea, Vit. C, Vit D3, garlic, eating soup loaded with garlic and onions, and I am trying to focus on positive healing thoughts.

I hope everyone in your clan is well. We covet all prayers and positive thoughts. SiSi is supposed to have her birthday party Friday afternoon and a friend over that night. I would like to have everyone well by then!




4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Hope you’re all feeling better soon!The T’s & the boys have been coughing for a week or so.  I’m sure the boys’ issue is the wet football weather.Taryn got up yesterday & threw up a couple of times.  Seems fine today (& the rest of yesterday).  Casey had a horrible earache this morning…  I’m sure that’s from the cold symptoms he’s had for a while.  They played Friday night on a super soggy/wet/muddy field.  I’m trying to get their gear clean as I type.  That can’t have helped the health situation a whole lot, I’m sure.Let me know if you ever need me to run something by your house.  The only day I’m NOT down there is Thursday!(((DISTANCE HUGS)))

  2. @MamaAcorn – Hope you are feeling better! I’m putting in the yarn order today. 🙂@JourneyOf7 – Thanks again for the offer of help. I will definitely call you if I need to.@JenniferP – Are you guys dealing with the same thing Jennifer? Jorry’s first words to me when it was evident that I was definitely sick were “Who is sick at co-op?” I can’t convince the man that we could just as easily have gotten something at the grocery store…LOL

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